Watch a Live Performance of “Monsters Calling Home”

It’s not too regular of an occurrence where we see a band name a song after themselves, but fans of Monsters Calling Home and acoustic music alike should dig this performance of the band’s title track. Truth is, the band’s music translates seamlessly between live session and what was put on record. The group has a lot of instruments and they know how to use em!

They’re walking heavy to the beat of a broken drum
Digging for worth in a land under a foreign sun
Their children call, bitter words of a strange tongue
Hearts down, they’re walking heavy till the dying’s done

I see their hands, some hold the bottle, some hold back
And in their eyes, a wave of light in a sea of black
Their voices low, trembling for blood to drink
Would they know, of a deep that cries to the deep

In the night, in the night, they call, yes they call

Oh! Hear! the monsters calling home now
No, they don’t wanna be alone
But the closet they keep closed
Swallow the key so
That nobody, nobody knows how they beat

They beat their chests to the sounds of their broken hearts
Crying wolf under sheep skins reaching out their claws
Stomping their feet, never letting up the dust choking up their lungs
Told to be a father, growing up into a fatherless

Son oh my son, won’t you come, won’t you come

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