The Blue Scholars Debut MV for “Slick Watts”

Blue Scholars bring us another Cinemetropolis video, and this time it’s for their Seattle anthem, “Slick Watts“. The album may have dropped last summer, but it’s only fitting for this video to be released a whole year later – in celebration of the food and summer fun that Sea-town has to offer. Sabzi gets to be the focus with Pro taking a step back as the face of Blue for this video.

Food provided by:
Dick’s Drive In – 111 Northeast 45th Street
Aladdin Gyro – 4139 University Way Northeast
Pizza Ragazzi – 5201 University Way NE
Beacon Hill Shell Station – 2424 Beacon Avenue S
The Original Philly’s – 3019 Martin Luther King Junior Way S
Tammy’s Bakery – 7101 Martin Luther King Jr Way S
Thanh Thao – 6012 Martin Luther King Jr Way S


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