The International Covers Youtube Round-Up – 1/16/13

Hope you are ready to span the globe because today’s round-up is filled exclusively with remixes and covers of Asian songs. And we aren’t confined to a single language, time frame, or genre either – so I’m sure you’ll find something to tickle your international fancy. If you’re feeling the song, be sure to click through to the Youtube pages because some artists offer the track as a download as well.

Johnnyphlo x G2 x Sickboi Remix”Where You At” by B-Free

Esna Yoon Covers “Mr. Simple” by Super Junior

Gerald Ko Covers “愛你” by Kimberley Chen

Jason Chen Covers “愛你” by Kimberley Chen

Jason Chen Covers “我的歌聲裡 (You Exist in My Song)” by Wanting

Arden Cho Covers “Ruby” by Fin.KL

Verseatile x Julynn Kim Remix “춥다” by Epik High

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