The Cover MVs Youtube Round-Up – 2/1/13

How about closing your work week out with this short collection of covers. All of the ones included in today’s round-up are actual music videos set to renditions of songs you’re likely already familiar with, but with some new voices behind the mics. Are you a fan of Rap, Rock, Pop, or R&B? Well it’s all here, so queue em up and enjoy the weekend!

David Choi Covers “Paradise” by Coldplay

JimmyBoi Remixes “Kobe” by Chief Keef

Sam Tsui x Tyler Ward x Chester See x Dave Days x Kurt Schneider Cover “Kiss You” by One Direction

Clara C Covers “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons

Rocky Sandoval Covers “Sex Room” by Ludacris x Trey Songz

Mikey Bustos Remixes “Gangnam Style” by Psy

Lil Crazed x Liane V Remix “Neva End” by Future x Kelly Rowland

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