Snapshot: Congrats to Kollab SF 4 Winners: &Blue


Kollab SF 2K13

Kollaboration SF 4 closed its doors this past weekend after another successful show and this year’s winners goes to group &BLUE! The trio hails from UC Berkley and has a heavy centered R&B music touch, hence the name: &BLUE. Congratulations to the group again!

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Kero One and Jeni Suk Will Invade NYC


If you’re in the NYC area tomorrow night and are looking for an event to go to, emcee Kero One and You Tube musician Jeni Suk will be in NYC tomorrow to shut down a full concert tomorrow at Drom! The musicians will be not be alone as they will be accompanied with some native NYC rappers – Rekstizzy, Mugshot of Deep Foundation rew and MC Budha. Tickets are $10 pre-sale ($15 at the door) and are still available for purchase! Click here for full details.
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MC Jin Releases MV Trailer for “Feel Good”

As reported earlier; MC Jin, Toestah, and Joseph Vincent teamed up for a collab and now, Jin released a music video trailer for the track a bit earlier today. The snippet sounds bump worthy and creates an uplifting mood as it shows the trio up and around the city of Hong Kong. Jin released the clip with a short statement, “New video dropping soon. Here’s a trailer for Feel Good!” 

Snapshot: Joseph Vincent & Toestah Instagram New Track



It’s definitely a new year with new music and that means new collabs. Singer Joseph Vincent and emcee Toestah both twitter-ed a sneak peak on their feature on MC Jin’s new up and coming collab track, “Feel Good.” J.V. and Toestah are both seen on location of the music video and reveal that the new track will drop Feb. 7th. Things are quiet on MC Jin’s twitter but we’re sure we’ll hear more about the track very soon.

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Bruno Mars Performs on Jimmel Kimmel Live!

Bruno Mars makes two consecutive guest performances on Jimmel Kimmel this week and gives fans an opportunity to rock out songs from hi “Unorthodox Jukebox” album. Mars croons out “When I Was Your Man” to an in house audience while dances with his band to “Treasure” for an outside crew. Both performances were done well as his stage performances have really turned up a volume in the new year. If you haven’t nabbed his new album, you can get it on iTunes or AmazonMp3.
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Gabe Bondoc Live!!

Gabe Bondoc has been tweeting happily, on his tumblr and twitter, about his show that’s about to go down on January 12th! Fans can now come get a chance to see Gabe, before the show, and enjoy some incredible live music at the San Mateo County Event Center. Gabe posted on his tumblr,

“I’m the crazy one, you’re the amazing one.”
Just a fun little tune exploring what might have been… if what is… never was.
Hoping you enjoy.
Peace, love and lol.”

Tickets can be purchased here and if you’re on twitter you can track the latest with the hashtag; #gblive.

Passport: Ailee wins her first KBS Music Bank Award!

Switching gears to head over music news on the East, NJ native Ailee popped music headlines when she won her first KBS Music Bank award last Friday. For those of you don’t know, Korean music shows are held on a weekly basis, on a three different platforms, and two of them host weekly music awards. KBS Music Bank concentrates on specific charts: Digital Music Charts (65%), Album Sales (5%), Number of times broadcast on TV/Radio (20%), and Viewers Choice Charts (10%). With this said, Ailee impressed new and old fans by kicking off PSY‘ infamous “Gangnam style” off its continuous winning streak and replaced it with her new track, “I’ll show you.” We’re definitely ready to report more and more music milestones for Miss Ailee and congrats to her again!

NMR Talks Exclusively with AJ Rafael

NMR (New Meida Rockstars) got a chance to sit down with AJ Rafael recently to discuss how the You tube music industry is today, recent music events, and much more. AJ breaks down some of the hardships of a being a musician, especially being an Asian American artist, as well as his successes and setbacks. It’s a really in depth interview with this talented man and a great spotlight feature on such an awesome musician. You can read the entire here or watch it above!

Jeff Bernat Schedules to Perform at SJSU

Social media is very prevalent these days especially in the music industry because secret shows/music/concerts can be revealed within a matter of moments. Singer Jeff Bernat just took a screen shot of his phone, a few moments ago, to announce that he’ll be at San Jose State University on October 5th for a show. No other details have been listed as of yet but the unorthodox use of spreading show information has definitely has everyone more intrigued.