Don’t Miss The Performances from Verizon’s 2013 Lunar New Year Event

Last week, Verizon Wireless x MYX TV sponsored a Lunar New Year celebration event in San Francisco, featuring a whole slew of artists to sing the day away. VZW has posted up a few of the artists’ sets, including New Heights, Jayne Rio and Jason Chen. Each clip is preceded by a quick interview session with Nicki Sun and then closes out with one song apiece. If any additional videos get added, we’ll keep you updated!

New Heights Perform “Peaches”

Jayne Rio Performs “Red Eye Flight”

Jason Chen Performs “Autotune”

Check Out This Interview of Kina Grannis with Nicki Sun

We haven’t heard much from Kina Grannis in quite some time, at least not in the musical sense. She’s been promoting her debut album Stairwells for some time now, but if you’re curious as to what the artist has been up to then you should check out this very recent interview with Nicki Sun at this past weekend’s Lunar New Year celebration in San Francisco. They talk music, along with an assortment of other light-hearted topics, so I hope you KG fans enjoy.

Blush Talks on Their Upcoming EP, Jetlag, Sports Crushes & More with Nicki Sun

Last time around, Nicki Sun dealt with the boys club known as Aziatix, so it’s only fair that she give some time to the fairer sex – cue the entrance of Pan-Asian group Blush. This was filmed at the Aziatix show, now less, where the girls opened for the group and held down their own. This is probably the least formal interview I’ve seen of the group, and in a way it’s a good thing as they were able to let their hair down (so to speak) and keep things silly and fun.

Aziatix Interviewed by Nicki Sun

Nicki Sun brings you another big ‘Now You Know’ interview feature. This time around, the fellas Flowsik, Eddie Shin, & Nicky (collectively known as Aziatix). The international Pop/R&B/Hip-Hop group is in the midst of another US tour and got to chat with Nicki to bring us this sub-15 minute clip. They joke around, they rib on each other, they share about themselves, and everything in between. Aziatix fans should definitely press play!

Joanlee x Lil Crazed Release the “I’m Good” MV

Back in June, Joanlee released his mixtape Under the Radar. Well, an MV for the single “I’m Good” has dropped and features Lil Crazed in both audio and visual form. Video is a bit pedestrian in execution though fairly sharp in quality. On the other hand, the song has more appeal thanks to the formidable team up of Joanlee on the vocals, Crazed on the raps and Smash Hitta on the beat. PS, I spy Nicki Sun & Jason Chen in the video… hahaha.

Jayesslee Interviews w/ Nicki Sun

Jayesslee (twins Janice & Sonia Lee) chatted it up with Nicki Sun during their recent stop in Seattle for Kollaboration (they were the headlining guest act). Whether your a Jayesslee fan or a Nicki fan or both, you’ll enjoy this 11 minute clip. Lots of candid, funny moments and a variety of topics were discussed, so enjoy – if you can handle the uber-friendly estrogen fest.

Clara C Interviews w/ Nicki Sun

Any of you Clara C fans out there been in want for some new Q&A from the singer? If that’s the case, check out her new interview with Nicki Sun. Ms Sun had the opportunity to catch up with Clara before Kollaboration SF, for which she was a judge. It’s a light-hearted, upbeat watch with some tidbits about her music, some interesting facts regarding hygiene and variety of other topics. Now you know, friends… now you know.

AJ Rafael & The Band Interviews w/ Nicki Sun

In this extensive clip, Nicki Sun had the chance to interview not only AJ Rafael but his entire band as well for her Now You Know segment. There’s a lot of information of both the informative and miscellaneous variety but I imagine most hardcore AJ fans wouldn’t mind. Lucky for you, Nicki’s provided a breakdown of the topics at hand including the album Red Roses, various performances & tour dates and more… so check after the break for all the info.

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[Interview] Joseph Vincent w/ Nicki Sun

It’s easy running a site like ours when people such as Nicki Sun continue to share great interviews with some of our favorite artists. Her latest segment is with rising singer and Catch Adventures recording artist Joseph Vincent. Learn more about the college senior and soon to be full time musician. As per Nicki’s usual, it’s a good mix of informative, goofy, and random. Catch it in full below!