The a-Tunes Meta Covers Youtube Round-Up – 8/26/13

So what do we mean when we say a-Tunes Meta Covers? These are songs and videos of a-Tunes artists covering other a-Tunes artists. In other words, it’s a double dip. It’s an ode to the community, a tip of the hat to other artists in the scene. It’s artists showing love to other like-minded artists, from both now and the past… and we respect that. So enjoy this round-up, it’s been a while since we’ve gone meta! A few artist in particular absolutely killllled their covers.

KRNFX Covers “Locked Out of Heaven” by Bruno Mars

Michelle Martinez Covers “Do You Miss Me?” By Jocelyn Enriquez

Megan Lee Mashes Up “Gentleman x Gangnam Style” by Psy

Legaci x Summerbreeze Covers “Locked Out of Haven” by Bruno Mars

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The International Covers Youtube Round-Up – 8/30/12

We present a little international flavor for you this late evening/early morning. All of these songs are originally song by artists around the world, with the exception of one North American Pop hit that was remade into Chinese. So we hope you enjoy your aural trip around the world with these 8 covers/remixes! (And yes, some “Gangnam Style” remixes are in here too… much to the chagrin of yours truly)

Dawen Sings a Chinese Rendition of “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen

Stevie Hoang Covers “La La La Love Song” by Toshi Kubota

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Just ‘Cause: Solomon (son of PK) Shows you the Sonic Dance

Kids really do say (and in this case, do) the darnedest things. And that’s why they are awesome. See, we already knew that PK (founder of Kollaboration) wasn’t too shy to show the world his son’s dance moves. Even as a toddler, the kid could move. But now we can get a glimpse of his more mature and improved material, courtesy of the childhood development of bodily motor skills. Copyright that dance and have some teen rapper do it in a video – BOOM – instant riches.

Do the sonic! Why? Just ‘Cause.

PK Releases Album – ‘Guilt-Free Sex’

Whoa, who saw this coming!? Kollaboration visionairy and stand-up comedian, PK, has released an album! It’s 21 tracks full of musical remixes, stand up comedy, and parodies abound. As you can imagine, a ton of topics are addressed, across various genres and styles. It’s definitely worth at least a listen, which you can do courtesy of Bandcamp. If you like what you hear, pick it up for $7. That’s like, 33 cents a track! What a steal.

Just ‘Cause: See the Trailer to UPLOADED: The Asian American Movement

In July of last year, we shared with you a documentary that was in the works called Uploaded: The Asian American Movement. Now, all these months later, the film is complete and ready for it’s premiere at the Los Angeles Pan Asian Pacific Film Festival. You can now view the trailer, which gives us a look at all the interviews and the overlying focus of this film – a movement that is near and dear to our hearts at a-Tunes. Check out all the additional information after the break, and if you’re in LA, don’t miss the premiere on May 16th!

Why? Just ‘Cause.

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Just Cause: The Jubilee Project’s Spotlight on PK of Kollaboration

Paul “PK” Kim is the founder of the Kollaboration competition series – a platform for Asian-American artists that was built on the motto of “Empowerment through Entertainment”. Though he’s since stepped down from the director position, his vision is still being realized. The Jubilee Project has released a spotlight interview video on PK, interspersed with footage from one of the last shows he hosted – Kollaboration DC 2010. #DreamBig

The Jubilee Project had the opportunity to spotlight an incredible leader in the community, Paul “PK” Kim who began Kollaboration over 10 years ago. Kollaboration has since become a national force that has discovered an incredible number of talented people around the country and empowered young people around the world.

We hope this is an inspiration to #DreamBig!

Why? Just ‘Cause.

Just ‘Cause: B-Boy Solomon

Do you know who PK is? You should. One could say he’s just as influential as any artist in creating a stage and spotlight for many of the artists that we know and love. The comedian and former Kollaboration director is also the father to a young lad named Solomon, who seems to share his old man’s goofiness and penchant for entertainment. Check out Solomon’s moves… ABDC Season 21 needs to watch out – he’s gonna own the stage. Step Up 12-D, starring Solomon Kim. It’s coming.

Peter Rocks of MyNinja! Interviews w/ BPMnet

Peter Hong, perhaps better known as instrumentalist/musician/entrepreneur Peter Rocks, got some spotlight of his own with an interview on BPMnet hosted by PK and Jazmin‘s Felicia Khong. Listen to him talk about the origin of his explosive clothing line and what it stands for today. This is a cool spotlight on one of our favorite apparel lines and a big part of our community’s growing music and arts culture. You can learn more about MyNinja! here.

PK x Dan aka Dan Rock Out with a “Bad Haircut”

I can’t say I was expecting this one but comedian PK has teamed up with afterschoolspecial’s Dan aka Dan for a silly little music video called “Bad Haircut”. Dan is known as the veteran rock-rapper but PK held his own behind the mic too; though I guess we already knew about that. The only problem now is the phrase “hair cut slut” is going to be stuck in my head for days. An entertaining if ridiculous watch.