The End-of-The-Week Music Video Mini-Reviews Youtube Round-Up – 3/14/14

Wow. This is one of the busier weeks for music video releases, and surprisingly, the majority are Hip-Hop joints. But we still got a couple different genre’s here to mix it up. There are a couple faces we haven’t seen a while in this mix as well as some we could almost consider weekly staples at this point. Have a gander and enjoy your Friday!

Rob Campman x J. Reyez – “Here for the Night”
As Rob Campman continues to distance himself from his Southstar alias, it seems like he’s built up a strong working relationship with J. Reyez. And along the way, I’ve gone from mildly apathetic to fairly appreciative of their music. This most recent drop (off Red Envelope) is their strongest yet – even with a video that looks an awful like a Bacardi ad.

Power Struggle – “In Your Hands… Until the End”
I’m always a fan when a Hip-Hop artist puts a little soul and heart into their craft, and Power Struggle has done that again with his latest. Some people like songs that make you drink, and some like those that make you think. This is definitely the latter – and I’m a fan.

Kina x Misa x Emi Grannis – “My Own”
Kina’s next album, Elements, is due in just a couple months but we’re given a nice preview via this song/video for the only track off the project that is about her family. And it even features her lovely sisters, Misa & Emi. This is one of those, just-sit-back-and-enjoy type of affairs – and I think most of you will.

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The Mid-Week Music Video Mini-Reviews Youtube Round-Up – 10/31/13

Now this is more like it. The past few weeks have been a little thin in terms of Music Video output, but a number of artists have dropped videos since our last round-up (less than a week ago), and we’ve posted them up to share with you. There are a couple of highly anticipated clips, some fun collaborations, and a lot of variety to go around.

Jhene Aiko x Childish Gambino – “Bed Peace”
Jhene Aiko & Childish Gambino channeling Yoko Ono & Lennon? Unexpected but it kinda works. The video plays out as an interesting homage to the iconic musical couple, but I’m much more into the track itself. If this is an indicator of what we can expect from Sail Out, consider me excited.’

Chops x Paul Kim x Dumbfoundead – “No Turning Back”
This track is pretty representative of what this site is all about. Artists who are each considered some of the strongest players in their own mediums, coming together to make good music. Chops, PK & DFD all on one joint? Sign me up. Strength In Numbers is setting up some high expectations.

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New Singles & Albums From 10 Artists for the 10th Month of the Year

We’ve fallen a bit behind with sharing some of the new singles and albums that have dropped within the past month or so. We’re here to make amends with this convenient group of releases from 10 artists (that coincidentally coincides with it being the 10th month). It’s actually 11 songs/albums since we have two entries from AM Kidd, but either way they are all here for your purchasing, downloading, streaming convenience. If you see/hear something you like it, be sure to support the artists! In alphabetical order (by artist): Alexander Spit – “Down” [Single] Hip-Hop Get It: HNHH AM Kidd – “I’ll Walk You Home” [Single] Acoustic/Rap/Key-Hop Get It: Soundcloud Continue reading

Sam Ock’s “Every Moment” Is Your Inspiring Song of the Day

We all need some encouragement sometimes – perhaps even an attitude adjustment or perspective check. Sam Ock offers some of that with his new single, “Every Moment”. There’s even an inspirational MV to match! Of course, for those that know Sam, he’s very vocal of his Faith and it plays a large role in the message that he presents with his music. I imagine this will speak to many of you and I hope you come away as encouraged and blessed as I did. AMP‘s resident crooner can still handle things on the solo tip just fine.

Purchase: Amazon, Bandcamp, Google Play, iTunes

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J. Han Debuts the MV for “Chasing Nothing” ft Sam Ock

Back in March, James Han (aka J. Han) dropped his solo mixtape album, Art of Starch. It’s been a few months but he’s now dropped a music video for the song “Chasing Nothing” featuring his AMP bandmate, Sam Ock. Residents of the DMC should recognize much of the backdrops used for this visual. Mr. Ock doesn’t make an appearance  but can be heard prominently on the hook and bridge.

The In-Studio Youtube Covers Round-Up – 4/17/13

Happy Wednesday dearest a-Tunes readers! Our round-up today brings forth a baker’s dozen of covers, all filmed from the confines of some studio of a sort. Whether it’ a makeshift living room set up or the staple bedroom studio, we’ve got microphones and recording gear galore for you to gawk at as some of our favorite musicians put their talents to use in covering some well known tunes of old and new. OK, stop reading the intro blurb and enjoy!

Jane Lui x Felicia Day Mash Up “Payphone” by Maroon 5 & “Someday My Prince Will Come” From Snow White

Legaci x Summerbreeze Covers “Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake

Phil Good Covers “I Will Wait” by Mumford & Sons

Erika David Covers “Poetic Justice” by Kendrick Lamar x Drake

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The Songs of Faith Youtube Cover Round-Up – 4/7/13

Happy Sunday, everyone. Given the day of the week, I thought it’d be fitting sharing a few covers of our artists expressing aspects of their Faith through song. They cover a number of well known Worship tunes, both old (some very old) and new. Regardless of subject matter, I think we can all appreciate an honest, heartfelt song when we hear one. Well, here’s six.

Koo Chung x Tim Be Told Cover “Listen to Our Hearts” by Geoff Moore x Steven Curtis Chapman

Erin Kim x Ben Clement Cover “Nothing Holding Me Back” by Bryan x Katie Torwalt

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Passport: Robert De Boron Releases ‘On the Rainbow’ Album with AMP, Magnetic North, Taiyo Na & More

Last week, we shared a music video with you by Japan’s Robert De Boron, for his song “All on the Table” featuring Magnetic North & Taiyo Na. We also mentioned that the project, On the Rainbow, included a tracklist that also had AMP on the billing. Well that album has dropped today with Sam Ock getting a feature and his group AMP jumping on another track as well. Gotta love that international music love. Japanese readers can pick it up from their region’s iTunes store.

Purchase: iTunes (Japan)

01. Time Machine
02. All On The Table feat. Magnetic North & Taiyo Na
03. Home Pt.2 feat. Tunji
04. Carry On feat. Taro Miura from HO17 & Dawngun
05. Shine a Light Pt.4 (Proud To Be) feat. AWA and Maitreya
06. Visions feat. Thig Nat (from The Physics) & Mario Sweet
07. Saisei no Uta (Chiru)
08. A New Day feat. Sam Ock
09. interlude
10. Moving On feat. The Antidotes
11. Fly Away feat Native Sun
12. Sunny Days feat. AMP
13. On The Rainbow feat. Badil & MO
14. How Do you Sleep?

Mickey Cho Reveals ‘FTK’

Today brings us a new album from Mickey ChoFTK. There’s a good mixture of songs on the 13 track project, including a few that we’ve heard before. Some of the songs are inspiring, some are deeply personal and some are all in good fun, but all of it is music with a message and a purpose. Guest artists include Sam Ock & J. Han, Jennifer Chung and Erin Kim, among others. Pick up the album from the online retailers below.

Purchase: Amazon, Bandcamp, iTunes

The Guys That Play Instruments Youtube Covers Round-Up – 3/18/13

Last time, we spotlighted some females that know how to play instruments and exhibited as such in a cover video. To be fair, we’ve gone to the other gender and collected the following videos where male artists show off some of their instrumental prowess. A couple covers are even instrumental-only. Paul Dateh, in particular, kills it.

Paul Dateh Covers “Fuse” by Hudson Mohawke

Joseph Vincent Covers “Climax” by Usher

Tony T Nguyen Covers “Don’t You Worry Child” by Swedish House Mafia

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