Paul Dateh x MysteryGuitarMan Present Violince Episode 10

The silly fun continues with the latest installment in the Violince series, featuring special guest MysteryGuitarMan. This is the last of the season with Paul looking to your input on whether or not the fun should continue in this format. It’s been a lot of fun to watch and personally I hope it doesn’t end here.

Paul Dateh & Jane Lui Present Violince Episode 9

Continuing with his highly entertaining Violince series, Mr. Dateh has brought us the 9th installment featuring the amazingly talented Jane Lui. They play some classical Liszt and throw in some of the trademark slapstick comedy to boot. It’s only a couple minutes long but a  fun watch as always. See some behind the scenes footage here.

Paul Dateh x David Choi x Clara Chung Release Violince Episode 8

It’s a new year and we’re back with a new episode of Violince! Thanks in part to the brilliant mind of Paul Dateh we have a new short that features previous guest David Choi and a new cameo from none other than Clara Chung! This is prob one of my favorite episodes to date as they take their senseless acts of “Violince” to the streets. I noticed the direction seems to have changed too, with Scott Yoshimoto not behind the camera this time. It’s a fun watch where hopefully life will not imitate art =).

Violince Episode 7 w/ Paul Dateh x Scott Yoshimoto x Casey Nishizu

The antics continue with episode 8 of the Violince series. Scott Yoshimoto makes an appearance, stepping out from behind the camera this time. He joins regulars Paul Dateh & Casey Nishizu. The editing was pretty slick in this one, but I wasn’t quite as entertained as I was with prior episodes. Even still, I can’t wait for the next one! Violince for the win.

Watch behind the scenes footage here.

Paul Dateh x Casey Nishizu Present Violince Episode 6

These slapstick Violince shorts crack me up. It’s like watching Tom & Jerry cartoons! Episode six finds Paul returning after a hiatus from the series, this time including Casey Nishizu in the antics. Poor Casey had no idea what hit him! Call me a kid but I highly enjoy these senseless acts of “violince”.

Paul Dateh Continues Violince w/ Episode 5

Paul Dateh continues his Violince series with episode 5, once again starring Ken Belcher. This clip is much shorter, clocking in just over a minute including blooper and credit. Musically however, I found it to be more interesting with their recreation of a mexican standoff, only with instruments instead of guns.

Paul Dateh & Ken Belcher Star in Violince Episode 4

The Violince series continues! What misadventures will Paul Dateh get into next? Watch as he squares off with his frequent musical partner Ken Belcher. Paul always seems to get involved in some kind of mischief and rarely walks away the victor. This one’s no different. Nothing like getting hit in the face with a vegetable to put you back in your place. See the behind the scenes action here.

Paul Dateh Continues Violince w/ Episode 3: Parody Me that Melody

Paul Dateh picks up the Violince series by once again enlisting the help of Jason Yang and Scott Yoshimoto. To be honest, as childish as these may come across I am thoroughly enjoying them. It brings me back to the slapstick humor days of Looney Toons. Check out Paul & Jason as they continue their hijinks for this 3rd episode entitled Parody Me that Melody.

Paul Dateh Presents Violince Ep. 2 Featuring Jason Yang

The contemporary Youtube Violin world can’t be too large, which is why in my mind I always wondered what a showdown between Paul Dateh and Jason Yang would look like. Well, in a way I got to find out. Continuing his “Violince” series, Paul brings on Jason Yang for a little slapstick action, all set to the tunes of their stringed instruments. It’s silly and fun but I’d still love to see them thrown down musically.

Note: Scott Yoshimoto is behind the cam on this one.

See behind the scenes here.

David Choi x Paul Dateh Get Classical (and Violent)

Every now and then a musician will post up a throwback cover on Youtube but not to often do you see them take it back to the 1700′s. David Choi and Paul Dateh decided to do just that with a little violin action where the play “Concerto in D Minor”, made famous by Sebastian Bach. The two had difficulty keeping a straight face but it makes for an entertaining watch. Though not perfect it’s cool to see people pay homage to the classics.

As a bonus, check after the break where the two get involved in a little violin showdown.

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