A “Gangnam Style”/Linkin Park Mash-Up Album Exists – And It Ain’t Bad

13 years ago, Linkin Park made a huge name for themselves with the release of the Hybrid Theory album. Last year, Psy’s “Gangnam Style” was inescapable for months making him one of the most watched Youtube videos in history. There isn’t much of a connection between the two but RosalinaSama & Triple-Q thought it would be fitting to re-create the entire Linkin Park LP with cuts from Psy’s mega hit. Bizarre? Yes. Interesting? You bet. Any good? Surprisingly, it’s not terrible. Does it have any value outside of being a ridiculous yet awesome novelty listen? Probably not but I’ll let you decide.

Grab the entire album, here, You can listen to the entire playlist via Youtube.

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13 Hot New Albums & Singles for November

The past couple weeks have been kind of heavy for new music releases, so you’ll have to excuse us as we play catch up a little bit. We’ve rounded up 13 new projects & singles that you may interested in checking out, including the long-awaited debut by the Jazmin Sisters, a moment years in the making. And of course, Latyrx dropped their sophomore album, over a decade after their debut.

Jazmin90′s Baby

Pop – EP – 6 Tracks
Get It: Google PlayiTunes


Folk Pop – LP – 14 Tracks (Deluxe Edition)
Get It: AmazonGoogle PlayiTunesSpotify

LatyrxThe Second Album

Hip-Hop – LP – 13 Tracks
Get It: AmazonGoogle PlayiTunesSpotify

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New Singles & Albums From 10 Artists for the 10th Month of the Year

We’ve fallen a bit behind with sharing some of the new singles and albums that have dropped within the past month or so. We’re here to make amends with this convenient group of releases from 10 artists (that coincidentally coincides with it being the 10th month). It’s actually 11 songs/albums since we have two entries from AM Kidd, but either way they are all here for your purchasing, downloading, streaming convenience. If you see/hear something you like it, be sure to support the artists! In alphabetical order (by artist): Alexander Spit – “Down” [Single] Hip-Hop Get It: HNHH AM Kidd – “I’ll Walk You Home” [Single] Acoustic/Rap/Key-Hop Get It: Soundcloud Continue reading

New Music Tuesday: The First Albums of Fall

This just might be the week of the comeback. Several of our artists have dropped new releases for the first time in years and we’re excited to welcome back to the a-Tunes news fold. Check out the handful of new albums to drop this week and see if there just might be something to your liking. We’re especially stoked to see husband and wife Koo Chung & Jinny Kim both release solo albums together!

Jinny KimThe Ugly Ducking and Bittersweet January

Acoustic Pop – LP – Tracks
Get It: CD Baby

Koo ChungBrick by Brick

Acoustic Pop – LP – 11 Tracks
Get It: Amazon, CD BabyGoogle Play, iTunes, Spotify

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New Music Tuesday: 6 Albums to Close Out Summer 2013

Summer is rapidly coming to a close, and we technically only have a few days left. These are a handful+ of albums that snuck in to the tail of the season and just may deserve your attention. Some are highly anticipated while others are quiet surprises. Whether or not they are worth the price of admission is yet to be determined but my hunch is at least a couple of these are must-listens. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to review some of them.


Indie-Rock – LP – 10 Tracks
Get It: Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Spotify

BambuSon of a Gun

Hip-Hop – Mixtape – 15 Tracks
Get It: Bandcamp, Spotify

Chunk Dirty (Traphik x Ricky Shucks) – It’s Chunk Dirty

Comedy/Hip-Hop – EP – 5 Tracks
Get It: iTunes, Spotify

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Passport: Drunken Tiger Releases ‘살자 The Cure’ Ft David Choi & Illmind

As promised, Drunken Tiger, Yoon Mirae, and Bizzy have released their collaborative EP, 살자 The Cure. It is the first release on their new label, Feel Ghood Music, and the title track has been given an official MV. What we found most interesting is that the song features guitar work by David Choi and Illmind has some production else where in the EP as well.

The Lumpens produced video makes great use of live footage and simply animation. This just may be one of our favorite releases out of the South Korean music scene in a while.

Get It: Google Play, iTunes

Recent Music Releases Round-Up (Mid-August 2013)

We’re in the latter half of August, but there’s still a little over a week left. Some of you have already started school while others are grasping at the fading last moments of Summer 2013. The rest of us are carrying on with business as usual and that holds true for a number of our artists. Here is some new music that has graced our inboxes, speakers, and Youtube subscriptions the past couple weeks or so. Peruse the lot and see if there was something you missed!

[Single] Big Pete x Manifest x Paradise – “The Reflection”

Get It: Soundcloud

[Single] Lyrics Born Featuring for Lotus – “Cannon in the Heavens”

Get It: Soundcloud

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5 Albums Released This Summer That You Might Have Missed

Ever since we tweaked the formatting of the site back in June, we’ve wandered away from regurgitating press releases to instead bring you more editorialized content and features.  We’re going for more depth instead of breadth, which is why we haven’t been as diligent with announcing the arrival of a new album or EP the moment an artist releases it. But we did want to highlight a handful of projects that we haven’t covered yet that have made their way to the public storefront and just might be worth checking out. Of course, it remains to be seen (or heard) if they are fully worth your time, but we hope to have some reviews out of some of these albums in the near future.

D-PrydeCanal & Richvale

Hip-Hop – EP – 6 Tracks (7 on iTunes)
Get It: Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Spotify


Folk/Pop – LP – 12 Tracks
Get It: Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Spotify

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Critic’s Corner: Mike Isberto – ‘More in Love’


We’ve had the opportunity to review a few of Mike Isberto‘s projects by this point, and it’s been interesting to see his development as an artist over the years. With More in Love, Mike delivers a new 7-song EP just a little over a year after his last album - The Last TrainTLT was a strong, though not perfect, collection of songs so we’re looking forward to seeing how the latest and greatest from Mr. Isberto holds up in this review.

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Passport: CoCo Lee Returns to C-Pop With the ‘Illuminate’ Album

Forgive us for being a little behind on this one. But we just found out that this summer marks the release of a new album from  international Pop star, CoCo Lee. It’s been a few years since her last project, but this one is called Illuminate and features 11 tracks. Being a C-Pop album, the vast majority of it is in Chinese and this isn’t really marketed as an international album. I gave it a brief listen on Spotify and there are some moments of classic CoCo along with some more contemporary sounding tracks. It’s a bit all over the place in style and genre – but I’ll let you decide if she’s versatile enough to pull it off. But it goes without saying, welcome back CoCo!

Purchase: Amazon, Google Play, iTunes