Watch Jessica Sanchez Perform “Tonight” on American Idol with Ne-Yo

With the Interscope release of Me, You & the Music creeping up for Jessica Sanchez, the singer is in getting into full promotional swing. Last week brought us the release of the lead single, “Tonight“, featuring Ne-Yo and now the pint-sized R&B/Pop powerhouse has jumped on a couple notable stages to promote it. One such example is the debut of the song on the American Idol stage, where both artists made an appearance.

In addition, she’s got a new interview and acoustic rendition of the song to share during a recent stop at the Yahoo! Music office. You can check both clips out over at Yahoo. Lastly, keep an eye out for her guest appearance on the last few episodes of Glee – yep, it’s finally happening.

Jessica Sanchez Places Second in American Idol Season 11

The road to this day was neither a short nor an easy one. But Jessica Sanchez has endured the pressure cooker of a television show competition known as American Idol to land a second place finish (the highest showing of any Asian-American on the show, yet). Of course, she’s already a lock for the Summer tour, but we’ll see whether she can parlay her near-winning run on the show into a full-fledged recording career. No matter what, the pint-sized teen deserves this accolade. The girl can sing, and American recognized her as among the best of Season 11.

We’re so proud of her. Congratulations, Jessica!

Catch Up on Jessica Sanchez’s FINAL American Idol Performances from Tonight’s Show

Months of hard work and determination has come to this, friends. Jessica Sanchez competed tonight as one of TWO finalists (along with Phil Phillips) vying for the American Idol crown in the 11th season of the long running competition. It’s clear the girl can sing, but admittedly she played it a little on the safer side this week – sticking to power pop ballads. But in our humble opinion, she deserves to be your next American Idol. Let’s make it happen!

“I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston

“The Prayer” by Celine Dion

“Change Nothing” written by Jaden Michaels, Joleen Belle & Harry Sommerdahl

Source: MJBB

Jessica Sanchez to Compete in American Idol Season 11 Finale

YES! Look who has found herself in this year’s American Idol finale!? Jessica Sanchez has been declared safe and will compete in next week’s final showdown between her and Dave Matthews Phillip Phillips. There are only two left… let’s help her take home the crown! Could she be the first girl to win the competition in years!? I think she just might! Congrats to Jessica – she’s come so far and there’s just a little more to go.

Catch-Up on Jessica Sanchez’s Performances from the Top 3 of American Idol

Ooooweee, this girl is in it to win it. Jessica Sanchez is gunning for that number one post, singing for her chance to coast into the finale of Season 11 of American Idol. You can check out her performances of some classic tunes by Mariah, Aerosmith, and the Jackson 5. Once the official Youtube clips go up, we’ll swap em out because the following may not be around for long. In the mean time, vote, vote, vote for this girl!

Mariah Carey – “My All”

Aerosmith – “Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”

Jackson 5 – “I’ll Be There”

Source: MJBB

Jessica Sanchez Advances to the Top 3 of American Idol

Aaaaaaand it’s official. Jessica Sanchez has officially tied Jasmine Trias for placing the furthest as an Asian-American in American Idol thus far. Of course, Jessica still has a chance to break that milestone and just may be able to take the whole shebang. Tonight, she was declared in the top 3 of this week’s 4 remaining contestants, as Hollie departed from the show. Let’s all rally behind Ms Sanchez, not just because of her heritage, but because her talent deserves it. Let’s make J. Sanchez our next American Idol!

Jessica Sanchez Sings Her Heart Out on Tonight’s Top 4 of American Idol

Ooooph. Jessica Sanchez does it again. She absolutely killed it tonight with her performances of two powerhouse songs, “Steal Away” by Etta James and “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going” by Jennifer Holiday. She got unanimous praise across the board and if she doesn’t land in the Top 3 tomorrow, I don’t know what else could have done it. Standing O! Amazing job, Jessica.

Etta James – “Steal Away”

Jennifer Holiday – “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going”

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Jessica Sanchez Advances to the Top 4 of American Idol

Although the number of contestants is dwindling down, the competition is only heating up for Jessica Sanchez. The pressure is on, but thankfully American hasn’t turned their backs on Ms Sanchez yet, as she advances in this week’s competition, placing into the Top 4. If she can make it one more week, she’ll tie Jasmine Trias as the highest placing Asian American artist on the show in it’s 11 years. We’ll continue rooting for the pint-sized powerhouse – let’s just hope she stays in step with her competitors down this final stretch.

Source: MJBB

Jessica Sanchez Results from American Idol – Top 6

Perhaps many of you were caught up in the NFL draft but are curious about the results of tonight’s American Idol. But I’m here to say, rest easy folks. Our young starlet is once again safe for another week of nerve wracking competition in the musical boiler-room known as American Idol. Despite a night of performances that weren’t quite flawless, Ms Sanchez avoided the bottom 3 all together – earning herself a spot among the Top 5. It’s getting real here, friends. Keep supporting the kid! Full recap over at MJBB.

Catch Up on Jessica Sanchez’s Performances from Last Night’s American Idol – Top 6

We’re down to the Top 6 finalist in American Idol, and once again the contestants had the opportunity to sing two songs during last night’s show. Our young Jessica Sanchez opened the show with her take on Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, and then started the 2nd half with Luther Vandross’ “Dance With My Father”. The former seems to have drawn a mixed reaction throughout the interwebz, while the latter has evoked mostly critical praise. Hopefully Ms Sanchez did enough to help her avoid elimination – remember, there’s no more judges’ save.