The Mid-Week Music Video Mini-Reviews Youtube Round-Up – 4/23/14

Priscilla Ahn – “Remember How I Broke Your Heart”
Deliberately paced, full of heartache, and subtle yet rustic imagery make for a strong new music video from Priscilla. This is in promotion of the latest single from her new album, This is Where We Are. Don’t forget, she’s starting up a mini tour, so check her out live too if she’s in your area.

Alfa – “War”
Alfa x ISATV apparently make for a pretty decent combo as they share this humorous but relatable spin on the theme of love and war. If only all our battles of emotional turmoil could be executed in such a definitive fashion that manages the collateral damage. World Go Blue is already over a year old, but I’m glad she hasn’t finished pushing the project just yet.

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The Mid-Week Music Video Mini-Reviews Youtube Round-Up – 4/9/14

Hello, dear friends! We skipped a couple weeks but we’re back with the mini-review round-up and this one is a little heftier than normal. We are playing catch-up after all! But we’re bringing you nearly a dozen new music videos along with some brief commentary which you’re more than welcome to agree or disagree with and voice your own opinion! Enjoy.

DANakaDAN x Priska – “Don’t Go Where I Can’t Follow”
I wasn’t quite sure whether to peg this as a remix or an original that samples/borrows heavily from Rihanna’s “Stay”. I’ve opted to lean towards the latter – not that it matters though because either way this is a strong collaboration between Dan & Priska. Dan has always had an unconventional flow that is better suited to different genres of music other than straight Hip-Hop. So he definitely played to his strengths with this one – plus it’s set against an emotionally charged video that is pretty well made.

G.R.L. Featuring for Pitbull – “Wild Wild Love”
Even though Pitbull has been impossible to escape in Top 40 music the past couple years, this is one case I actually don’t mind too much. First and foremost, it has a lot to do with Emmalyn and her group, G.R.L., being prominent guest features on the track video. Secondly, it’s kind of a catchy song – and not in an annoying way. Video is standard Pop fare but everyone’s looking sharp.

AJ Rafael – “Matchmaker”
AJ & company make great use of a space to bring distinctly unique feels to this music video. It’s a fun watch set to the Pop/Rock tune and though it may not be as lavish as some of his other work – it gets the job done nicely. It almost reminded me of classic footage from American Bandstand from decades ago.

Kina Grannis & Friends – “Dear River”
Kina’s next project, Elements, ain’t too far away and with promotions ramping up we have this lyric video for “Dear River”. But what’s especially notable is the number of special cameos who help bring a little extra fun to the festivities. Ryan Higa, Kevjumba, Wong Fu, Sam Tsui, David Choi, Marie Digby, and Clara C all make appearances – and that’s just to name a few. I’m definitely looking forward to the album.

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The Mid-Week Music Video Mini-Reviews Youtube Round-Up – 3/20/14

After a few weeks of being slightly off schedule, we’re back to our mid-week routine. This week’s crop of music videos lean a little more energetic in either tempo, style or both. Of course there is an exception or two in the batch but otherwise you’ll find some hard hitting Hip-Hop tracks along with an EDM joint thrown in for good measure.

Newko x Mr Sicc x Devolo x Mr Tyfoon x Vovo x Tha Movement x Shogunna – “I Am”
]This was kind of a pleasant surprise. I’ve never heard of Newko or any of these artists except for Sho (and Tyfoon, whom I haven’t heard from in YEARS). The video is sharp quality, especially for a street video – but this is one of those big posse cuts that end up being full of energy and a bunch of hungry artists who want to outshine each other. That kind of group competition is refreshing. But perhaps most of all, I’m just glad to see Shogunna come out of hiding again.

AR|2 – “Hammertime”
For those that need a refresher, AR|2 is the side project for Adrian Per and a couple other producers, namely DJ Rodd & Rollinbeatz. The video is comprised of the requisite lights, quick cuts, and montage club footage though that doesn’t take away from an otherwise decent EDM track (which you can get for free, btw).

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The Late-In-The-Week Music Video Mini-Reviews Youtube Round-Up – 3/8/14

Happy Saturday, dear friends. It was a glorious late Winter/pre-Spring day here in the Mid-Atlantic area! But for those of you that may find yourselves indoors with some time to kill this weekend, here’s the latest batch of music videos for you to check out from the past week. Also, don’t forget to set your clocks forward!

The Bar – “Coming (to America)”
I’d be lying if I told you that The Bar’s Barkada isn’t one of my most anticipated project. We’re only a few days away, but thankfully we also have this new video from Pro & Bam. The video is full of community support, even if it’s not the sharpest visual ever. But I’m loving this soulful Hip-Hop track with it’s sprinkle of culture and Tagalog.

Clara C – “Wildflower”
The MV for Clara’s latest single is a promotional tool for Girl Rising, a movement dedicated to raising awareness and funds for girls’ education worldwide. So not only do we get a breezy new single from the artist, but we get a simple but supportive video for an important cause.

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The End-of-Week Music Video Mini-Reviews Youtube Round-Up – 2/7/14

OK, we skipped a week of Music Video reviews, but we’re back with a vengeance and better than ever. Fine, not really but to be honest the last couple weeks were a little light on release schedule so even with the delay we only have 7 to share with you today. But there are a couple of dope videos in the mix so if you’ve got the time, go ahead and peruse the selection.

Rocky Rivera – “Ain’t No Way”
I’ve come to always expect solid releases from Rocky, and I’m happy to say this one doesn’t give me any reason to think otherwise. Her nostalgia-tinged music video keeps things light-hearted and enjoyable, just as it should be. I’m definitely feeling this Gangster of Love track.

Bambu x Snayk Eyez – “Militant Greetings, Bobby”
At first glance, one might think Bambu’s latest video is more simplistic than it really is. But if you pay attention, he and his team make smart use of captions and hand gestures to get some layered messages across. It’s a bit subtle, but worth checking out a little closer.

Maribelle Anes – “Trapped”
These acoustic sessions are really giving Ms. Anes an opportunity ti shine vocally. The video isn’t really much to look at but leave this one on in the background cause it’s a great listen from start to finish.

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The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Youtube Round-Up – 1/9/14

Bambu x DJ Q-Bert - “Crosshairs”
What you know about a DJ Q-Bert & Bambu collaboration? That’s what we get with “Crosshairs”. The visual follows the expected street video blueprint but this one is all about the song anyway. Q can still cut up the vinyl with the best of them – let’s hope we hear more from these fellas soon.

Nylon Pink – “Heart Attack”
Eclectic all-female rock band Nylon Pink has made their return with this music video. Perhaps known more for their completely re-arranged covers of K-Pop songs, it’s good to see them making a bigger push for their own original music. This one tones down the tempo a little bit and targets the Pop more than the Rock in Pop/Rock. The video alright but the song is sneakily catchy.

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Two Cents: GT’s Top 10 Favorite Asian American MVs from 2013 (and 3 Runner Ups)

2013 was an impressive year for music videos. Once upon a time, music videos were a rare treat for the typical Asian-American music artist, with the budget and technical constraints too big for most independent artists. But as the barrier of entry continues to shrink and the skills and resources available begin to grow, we are truly in an age where nearly any artist can put together a visual to promote their material. But I’ve always been about honoring the best of the best, and although we had many fantastic music videos last year, I decided to go through all of them and rank what I considered to be the Top 10. And just because it was hard to complete that task, I included a few more that didn’t quite make the cut but I felt should be recognized. So what do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Feel free to let me know!

But without further ado…

10. Paul Kim – “You Had Your Chance”
There’s just something cathartic about causing and witnessing destruction in an emotional moment. PK may have released many videos this year, but this is the one that stood out the most from this catalog. How many other R&B singers do you know that went complete Street Fighter II bonus stage on a car in a music video?

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The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Youtube Round-Up – 11/13/13

Wow! It was another big week for music videos as we have 13 to share with you today. And better yet, it was a fairly strong showing overall with a number of very solid visual releases to accompany your music. It would behoove you to take a gander and make your way through this list, there are some great videos to find, for sure.

HeeSun Lee x MC Jin – “I Break Stereotypes”
HeeSun & Jin on the same track? Let’s just say I came in with high hopes. And well, let’s just say I did not walk away disappointed. And I haven’t heard Jin sound this hungry since he was on 106 & Park! Two MCs that push each other to kill it on one track? I’m on board with that. Well played, this was our biggest pleasant surprise of the week.

Andrew Huang – “The Coldest Darkness”
Whoa. This just may be the eeriest video Andrew Huang has ever dropped. I’m most impressed in how effective his use of the simple color scheme. His upcoming album shares the title of this track, and this is a positive indicator of things to come.

Jazmin – “You”
All I have to say is it’s about time for this sisterly quartet to start making some big moves. It’s been a number of years since we first heard about the group but they seemed to fall out of the spotlight for a while. Well, this ain’t a bad way to step back into it. “You” is off their just released 90′s Baby EP.

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The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Youtube Round-Up – 11/06/13

Wow… it’s already November. Well we can’t let the 1st week of Thanksgiving Month go by without keeping you up to date on the MV front. It’s a fairly healthy pack today, with just shy of 10 music videos for you to check out. And it also marks the return of a couple artists who have been fairly quiet this year, so you’ll def want to check those out.

Aziatix – “Baby Let’s Go”
Aziatix has been a little quiet since signing to Cash Money, but it looks like they’ve been busy on the business end of things, inking a promotional deal with Toyota. So if you’re interested in hearing a solid Pop single set to a glorified Corolla commercial, then this is the video to watch. Let’s hope things only progress rapidly from here for the trio!

J. Reyez x Lydia Paek – “The One”
Reyez & Paek have been working together for some time, and they continue to build off their chemistry with this new track. The video is clean but lacks that extra shiny polish that some of JR’s past work have had. The song is fairly catchy but definitely under utilizes the Quest Crew queen’s talents, save for the bridge.

Wanting – “Love Ocean”
This one isn’t quite as new as the others, it’s over a month old, but we somehow completely missed it! It’s another international single from Wanting’s album, Say the Words. Beautifully shot but kind of formulaic, where they see how many odd places can they place a grand piano.

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Chops’ ‘Strength in Numbers’ Is our Most Anticipated Project of the Year

What? Our headline is a lofty claim, but believe us, it’s not unsubstantiated. Chops has spent the past couple years working with a whole slew of artists that we cover – making this essentially a collection of the best of the best of folks that have graced the pages of this blog. Just take one look at the lineup on this album!

Ann One (LA), Baiyu(NYC), Bambu (LA), Catzie of Yellow Rage (PHL), Connie Lim (LA), Decipher (PHL),DJ Bonics (PHL/PGH), DJ Neil Armstrong (NYC), DJ Roli Rho (NYC),Dumbfoundead (LA), El Gambina (NJ), Erika David (Bay Area), Hopie (SF), Hoya(NYC), J-Key (NYC), Joanlee (LBC), Kiwi (LA), Lil Crazed (MN), Matt Cab (Tokyo), Mic Barz (ATL), Mountain Brothers (PHL), Nikko Dator (LV), Paul Kim (LA), Prometheus Brown (SEA), Rekstizzy (NYC), Rocky Rivera (SF), Ruby Ibarra (Bay Area), Tasha aka Yoonmirae (Korea), Thai (PDX), Tiger JK (Korea), Timothy Flu (ATL), Verbal of M-Flo / Teriyaki Boyz (Tokyo), and Yellow Boyz (ATL)

It’s called Strength in Numbers and I’ve known that this project was in the works for some time, but the sheer size of the roster for this album still blows my mind. And perhaps most amazing of all, this brings us the long overdue reunion of the OGs themselves, the Mountain Brothers. I personally can’t wait for this to drop. It’s slated for a December 2013 release.

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