The International Youtube Covers Round-Up – 4/29/13

Happy Monday to you all! Even if it’s not, maybe these global covers will help the first day of the workweek go by just a little smoother. We’ve got a pair of songs by Jason Chen & Esna, along with one from Nylon Pink and Inch Chua to round it all out. Those with international tastes just may know a song of two from this round-up, and if so, tell us what you think of these artist’s renditions.

Jason Chen x Kimberley Chen Mash Up “I Love You” by Che’nelle & “Regular Friends” by David Tao

Nylon Pink x Scotty the Kid Remix “Monster” by Big Bang

Esna Yoon Covers “첫사랑 (First Love)” by Donghae of Super Junior

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The International Covers Youtube Round-Up – 11/18/12

It’s time to span the globe and go international with our round-up again. Today’s collection has songs of the K & C-Pop variety, covered and remixed by a few of our more linguistically talented artists. If I were fluent in both my parent’s tongues, I would have been able to understand all the covers in this line up – unfortunately that is not the case. But if you can, more power to you and I hope you enjoy!

Nylon Pink Cover “Ice Cream” by Hyuna

Paul Kim x David So Cover “그 XX” by G-Dragon

Jason Chen Covers “聽海” by 張惠妹

Gerald Ko Covers “我不願讓你一個人” by 五月天

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Passport: Lydia Paek Appears in G-Dragon’s “One of a Kind” MV

We knew that singer/dancer Lydia Paek (of Quest Crew fame) was doin her thing in Korea, working closely with YG. Well, here’s a small exhibition of the fruits of her labor as she appears in the opening scene to their flagship artists’s MV. Pay attention in the beginning where you can see Ms. Paek rock out a little bit next to G-Dragon as he applies his eccentric brand of Hip-Hop in “One of a Kind”.

The International Covers Youtube Round-Up – 8/2/12

Hope you bulked up on those Rosetta Stone language packs because we’re about to take things international with this series of covers on Youtube. This batch runs predominantly Chinese, with a couple Korean songs thrown in to round out this compilation. As expected, there are a few multiple entries from some of the artists since they do tend to make use of their multi-lingual skills more than others.

Jason Chen x Sharon Kwan Cover “珊瑚海” by Jay Chou x Lara

Erin Kim Covers “잠이 솔솔” by 제이레빗

Gerald Ko x Sharon Kwan Cover “暗示” by CoCo Lee x 方炯镔

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YG Entertainment and Kollaboration team up for 2012 YG auditions

The global 2012 YG auditions are rolling out and for the North America auditions, they’ve teamed up with Kollaboration to host the auditions that will take place in: Los Angeles, Seattle, Vancouver, and Toronto!

The audition schedule as follows:
2012. 07. 11. Toronto, Canada – Dosan Hall Gallery
2012. 07. 14. Seattle, US – Korean American Broadcasting Hall
2012. 07. 21. Los Angeles, US – Korean Cultural Center

For more information and online applications, please visit Email completed applications to


The International Cover/Remix Round-Up 4/8/12

Welcome to another remix/round-up! This time around, we are revisiting an international theme with all of the songs either remixes/covers/translations of Asian songs, or in one particular case, an English song sung in Chinese. It’s a pretty big melting pot of culture and languages – but that’s fairly representative of the world we live in. Go ahead and take a gander, I’m sure you’ll find something you enjoy in this collection!

Dawen Covers “Creep” (in Chinese) by Radiohead

Paul Kim x Eunice Kiss Remix “Bad Boy” by Big Bang

Nylon Pink Remixes “Blue” by Big Bang

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Passport: GD & TOP Feature for Pixie Lott on “Dancing On My Own”

This one may be just outside the scope of the usual stories we cover, but we’ve been hearing about it enough to warrant a mention. South Korean Boy Band members, GD & TOP of the group Big Bang, have contributed to the Japanese release of English singer Pixie Lott’s album, Young Foolish Happy. Now you may be asking yourself, why would South Korean artists be included on a Japanese re-release, but really it’s a testament to the international appeal of the two artists. Their contributions are on the Asia-specific rendition of “Dancing on My Own”, and all of their parts are in English to boot.

TL;DR: South Korean Boy Band members GD & TOP feature in English for Pixie Lott’s Japanese re-release of Young Foolish Happy

Purchase: iTunes

Source: AKP

The KPOP Youtube Remixes Round-Up 3/16/12

KPOP is bigger now internationally than ever, so we choose that as the theme to close out the work week with this round-up. There are some familiar faces along with a few unexpected & fun surprises from artists you’d never peg as KPOP listeners. Each cover/remix has it’s own merit, so check out the whole lot and enjoy your Friday!

Dia Frampton Covers “Lonely” by 2NE1

Nylon Pink Remixes “Gee” by SNSD

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The International Cover/Remix Round-Up 2/2/12

We decided to go international with this round-up. Each of these songs are from Asian countries and covered by some of your favorite stateside artists. K-Pop? J-Pop? C-Pop? It’s all here, plus multiple genres are represented too – so you get double the variety. 1 Million Bonus points if you can understand every word sung in these songs!

Phil Good of Rooftop Pursuit “내겐 너니깐” by Hyorin of Sistar

Dawen Covers “稻香 翻唱版” by Jay Chou

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[Music Video] Grand Master Chu x Melloe – Cafe (Remix of Big Bang)

Grand Master Chu, of Model Minority, just dropped an MV for his track Cafe (a remix of the KPOP song by Big Bang by the same name). The track can be found on Chu’s The Yung Monk mixtape and features Melloe as the female vocal. Overall it’s a decent track though Melloe’s contributions are a bit mixed in result. On one hand she offers a nice switch in style, contrasting well with Chu’s raps but her parts are also mixed poorly and drag down the quality of the track. The MV is simple though unfortunately a bit dull.