Toestah Releases the ‘Dangerzone’ Mixtape & “Higher” MV

It’s been a long time coming, but Toestah‘s awaited Dangerzone mixtape has finally hit the masses. The Catch Music artist isn’t going at this completely solo either, as he’s drawn the help of some friends including Decipher, J. Reyez, Tommy C, Dumbfoundead and Jennifer Chung, among others. In conjunction, he’s dropped the MV to the song “Higher”, just to give you something to watch while you listen. Sound like something you’d enjoy? Then download the Dangerzone mixtape for free, here.

Directed & Edited By: Phil Mao: @Philmatic
Video Producer: Kevyn Fong
Executive Producer: Carl Choi
Song Produced By: Khoazy @khoazybeats

Mickey Cho Releases Promo Video for “Celebrate”

Unfortunately, this visual for “Celebrate”, off of Mickey Cho‘s Joy EP from last December, isn’t a full fledged production, but rather more like a promotional lyric video. It’s only a couple minutes long so you don’t even get the whole song, but what you do get is a seizure inducing combination of quick fades and flashes of colors to help kick off that migraine.  In reality, it’s not that bad, we’re just disappointed we didn’t get a full video.

Toestah Gives a Reason to “Celebrate”

There are times where Toestah reminds me of Big Sean and well, this is one of those times. In celebration of his birthday, the rapper has dropped a song appropriately christened as “Celebrate”. Nothing too intense here, just an easy-listening Hip-Hop track that’s enjoyable as a casual listen. a-Tunes wishes Toestah a Happy Birthday along with many more! DL the song as a freebie here.