DFD x Wax Release the “Walking in the Rain” MV

We showed you the preview, now check out the actual full release of Dumbfounded and Wax’s “Walking in the Rain“. This is another single off their Clockwise joint album. They make heavy use of the green screen to bring us a surreal MV coupled with plenty of animated effects. The entire production is fairly impressive considering they are an indie effort with no studio backing. The water effects on the “camera lens” is a nice touch too. Overall it matches the song well and stands out as one of the more creatively ambitious videos of the year.

Dumbfoundead x Wax Release Teaser for “Walking in the Rain” MV

Don’t think that Dumb & Wax are done promoting their Clockwise album yet. Today they released a teaser clip for an upcoming music video of their single “Walking in the Rain”. They leaked a few pics of the shoot back in June. The video looks to be heavy with post-production effects and the use of green screen. It looks very intriguing and I definitely want to check it out when it drops, hopefully soon.

DFD & Wax Release the MV for ‘Professional Rap’

Dumbfoundead and Wax have dropped another new MV from their Clockwise collab album. This track is called ‘Professional Rap’. Their videos don’t tend to have too many shoot locations but they are still well made and most importantly, match the music perfectly. The karaoke machine scenes were an especially nice touch. And true to their style there is always a bit of humor involved.

Dumbfoundead Releases Pics from Video Shoot for “Walking in the Rain” MV

DFD and Wax are back it, working on a music video for the track “Walking in the Rain”, which I believe is off their Clockwise album. Based on the pics they released, there’s going to be some heavy green screenery in the video, making me very curious on what they have in store for us. DFD is currently in Korea on tour but I imagine when he gets back, we have a lot of great promotion to look forward to!

You can check out the rest of the pics at his site.

Dumbfoundead x Wax Release Clockwise

A couple days ago, on May 31st, Dumb and Wax officially dropped their collab album – Clockwise as promised. The album features both MC’s with some solo tracks and some team joints too. Mr DFD recently posted up videos for two singles, “It’s On” and “Mr. Nice Guy”. Be sure to support them and pick up a copy too! It’s currently available through Dumb’s store, Knocksteady.

Dumbfoundead x Wax Release the MV for “It’s On”

With their album release for Clockwise quickly approaching, Dumbfoundead & Wax are turning up the promotions with a new music video release for the song “It’s On”. It’s the opening track to the album and showcases both MC’s. The video is SO CRISP and features DJ Zo as well. It’s goofy but fun, an accurate representation of their styles. Look out for the album to drop May 31st!

Dumbfoundead x DJ Zo Releases Studio Performance of “Mr. Nice Guy”

Peep the new footage of Mr. DFD aka “Mr. Nice Guy” performing his new single off the upcoming joint album with Wax, Clockwise, set to drop on May 31st. DJ Zo handles some of the live production work on the pads as they do their thing in Dumb’s home studio. This is one of Dumb’s solo cuts off the album but I’m sure we can expect a pretty healthy mix of Dumb and Wax on the album.