Dumbfoundead’s New Web Series – ‘Run DMZ’ – Starts June 4th

Mr. DFD certainly continues to keep himself busy. He’s got a new webseries slated to start on June 4th in conjunction with LOUD. It’s called Run DMZ and features a number of familiar faces in a comedic story of a new Korean BBQ spot opening up across the street from Jon Park’s (played by Dumb) mom’s restaurant, old tensions between North and South Koreatown boil over and he must take matters into his own hands to hold down the neighborhood. It’ll be released in 6 parts, so be on the lookout!

Verseatile x Traphik Present “The Rebound” MV

Happy Tuesday folks. Verseatile and Traphik have released their new music video for their collaborative single, “The Rebound”. As the trailer suggested, there are a number of guest appearances, including Grace Su as the leading lady, Rick Carter as the antagonist (or maybe Grace is the antagonist – you decide), and a cameo by Danny Cho along with others. It’s a chill listen, a fairly entertaining MV that could have benefited from some better lighting here and there but an otherwise enjoyable visual.

Seoulful Concert Promo w/ Danny Cho & PK

Check out this rediculous promo ad for the Seoulful Concert we announced previously that will take place in April.

These guys are hilarious. Great parodies of some well known KPOP songs. This event clearly has some backing, could it crop up and emerge as a rival to the Hollywood Bowl for the honor of biggest KPOP/Asian American event? We also received word that AATheory is giving away some tickets to the event so head on over there if you’re tryna score some free passes!

Shin-B to Perform Alongside Jay Sean, Leessang, MC Mong & More

This April, those of you in the LA area should head on out to Seoulful, a huge concert event featuring some big Korean Music names along with local veteran femcee Shin-B. The event will also (some what surprisingly) feature hit singer Jay Sean. You can’t hate on that. IZ was supposed to perform at the event as well but word has it he had to drop out of the billing. That leaves a slot open so who knows, you know know who they might find to replace him!

I know we say this often, but it looks like you won’t want to miss this event. Plus it’s hosted by extremely funny comedians Danny Cho and PK!

Dumbfoundead Interview w/ FR*A

FR*A has started a new segment called TALKNISH with IZreal, GRINCH, and Danny Cho as the hosts. It’s just a raw and uncensored talk show that’s like “hiphop Wayne’s World meets crazy Japanese game show”.

AKA a buncha funny asian dudes goofin off for 20 minutes with a guest.

This episode had dumbfoundead as they talked about anything and everything.

I’m too lazy to figure out a way to embed it so just go here if you wanna check it out. It’s pretty funny.

Just ‘Cause – Kim Jong Il & The Far East Movement

The Far East Movement has been holding a dance video competition for their single ‘Girls On The Dance Floor’.

Looks like even the infamous North Korean dictator likes to get down now and then.

The video was actually done by comedian Danny Cho in conjunction with Arowana Films.