Lookin’ Back: DJ Honda x Mos Def – “Travellin’ Man”

Wow, I can’t believe this track is 13 years old. Some of our youngest readers may not have even been born yet when this song dropped! Anyway it’s a Hip-Hop classic featuring DJ Honda and Mos Def called “Travellin’ Man” off of Honda’s 2nd album h2 (1998!). This song was a world-wide hit in Hip-Hop circles and makes me nostalgic for that old school rap before Mos started acting. DJ Honda is a long time veteran and for good reason. Tell me this isn’t a dope song! They hardly make ‘em like this anymore.

DJ Honda x Rakaa x Money Harm Release MV for ‘Let It Out’

Veteran Hip-Hop world star DJ Honda is back, this time collabing with Rakaa (of Dilated Peoples fame) and Money Harm.

The MV is real crisp, and although nothing mind blowing, the whole package is the type of organic Hip-Hop that made me start loving the genre in the first place. Keep a look out for a cameo from dumbfoundead (who performed with Rakaa in Korea recently).

In case you missed it, his collab w/ Mos Def is a must listen too.

Source: ChannelAPA

DJ Honda releases teaser for collab w/ Mos Def

Famed Japanese DJ/Producer has given everyone a sneak peek at his upcoming collab with Mos Def entitled Magnetic Arts.

From the sound of it, its gonna be a real banger. It’ll be on his upcoming album entitled hIV (h4). I know… questionable name but whan can ya do?

Source: Nah Right