J. Reyez Leaks “Everything” off the Broken HeArt Mixtape

With the release of his Broken HeArt mixtape approaching, J. Reyez has decided to leak a song off the project called “Everything”. His alcohol influenced, introspective rap is stronger than some of his other tracks – a trend I’ve been noticing from the Canadian rapper where his emotional songs are better than his lighter fare. Go ahead and DL the song for yourself, it’s free.

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Daniel Kim Releases Live Perf of “All I Need Is You”

Daniel Kim, a Korean-American singer/songwriter based out of Michigan has posted up a new video of him performing his original song “All I Need Is You”. I heard him perform this track back in March and it’s just as good the second time around. Really feeling this one. Wait for his interpolation of Lifehouse’s “Everything” in the bridge.

The video’s nothing special, just him banging out the song on a motif while he belts away but give the song a listen, it’s undeniably good stuff.

Lyrics are after the jump.

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