Required Reading: Kawehi’s Interview With ELLE

If you’ve been following our site, you already know that we’ve been privy to Kawehi and her unique brand of richly layered music. But much of the world got their first glimpse of the artist when her recent Nirvana cover went viral.

And along with that additional exposure suddenly came an interest from multiple media outlets in discovering just who this talented hidden gem was. One of the bigger publications to give her some shine is none other than ELLE. You should check out their interview piece on her, especially if you’re not yet too acquainted with who she is and what she does. It’s a great primer piece that covers some great points without going too deep into any one topic.

Check it out.

Run River North Profiled on the Wall Street Journal

I’m lovin’ this. Run River North‘s star continues to rise as they receive more and more exposure and support from the media and fans alike. This year is ramping up to be a memorable one as the band has just been profiled by the Wall Street Journal. They go a little deeper into the band’s formation and contextual history to give you just a few more reasons to appreciate this up and coming group.

Run River North is no K-Pop confection—its music will never be confused with flamboyant Korean pop like Psy’s “Gangnam Style.” The group’s soothing melodies are more in line with Simon and Garfunkel’s, and they appeal to a diverse audience.

Read all about it, here.

Did You Catch Run River North on Last Call With Carson Daly?


Ooowee. I’m excited. You wanna know why? Cause sextuplet band formerly known as Monsters Calling Home, Run River North, has landed a spotlight profile on NBC’s Last Call With Carson Daly. They definitely more than deserve the additional exposure, and all you savvy fans should be amused by their reference to losing Kollaboration a couple yeaers back. You can watch the clip in it’s entirety over at the NBC site. If anything, it’s a great primer introduction to the group.

Get To Know These 5 Asian-American Artists Better

Here’s a collection of interviews of some of our favorite artists from the past couple months. This is in no way a comprehensive list but it covers a wide variety of styles of both music and medium. We don’t feature interviews as often here, but this certainly ain’t a bad way to spend your Thursday evening, if you ask me!

Awkwafina interviewed by DFD

Arden Cho interviews with ISAtv


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Just ‘Cause: Miss Info Featured in UNIQLO’s ‘Life In a Minute’ Series

We at a-Tunes are big fans of Miss Info and her work in the music industry. Though she isn’t a musician herself, she’s one of the more notable voices in Hip-Hop & Urban media. So we are glad to see her get some shine of her own in this quick clip by UNIQLO.

“Life in a Minute” is a five-part portrait series featuring some of today’s most interesting artists and performers. Each original portrait will give fans an exclusive inside glimpse at each artist’s life, told through unique anecdotes, memories and stories, by the artists themselves in one-minute narratives.

Watch Jessica Sanchez Perform “Tonight” on American Idol with Ne-Yo

With the Interscope release of Me, You & the Music creeping up for Jessica Sanchez, the singer is in getting into full promotional swing. Last week brought us the release of the lead single, “Tonight“, featuring Ne-Yo and now the pint-sized R&B/Pop powerhouse has jumped on a couple notable stages to promote it. One such example is the debut of the song on the American Idol stage, where both artists made an appearance.

In addition, she’s got a new interview and acoustic rendition of the song to share during a recent stop at the Yahoo! Music office. You can check both clips out over at Yahoo. Lastly, keep an eye out for her guest appearance on the last few episodes of Glee – yep, it’s finally happening.

Check Out Alexander Spit’s Feature on ‘Last Call With Carson Daly’

It’s been a long time since his time on MTV, but Carson Daly is still doing his thing with the latenight show, Last Call With Carson Daly. In a recent segment, the music show host had a feature on The West Coast’s Alexander Spit and his debut commerucial album (via Decon), A Breathtaking Trip to that Otherside. It’s dope to see the artist getting a little bit more mainstream coverage. Let’s hope we see him in primetime in the not too distant future!

Wanting Qu Takes CNN Go On a Tour of Her Hometown of Harbin

Chinese-Canadian singer Wanting Qu recently had the opportunity to take CNN Go on a tour of her hometown of Harbin. The Chinese city is home to one of the world’s largest winter festivals, and she shares some of the winter wonder goodness with CNN and the viewers. To watch the video and read up a little more on Harbin, head on over to CNN Go’s website. I really enjoyed this clip and I think you will too.

Jessi Malay Shares Her New EPK

EPKs are unique in that they give you an in-depth but obviously filtered look at an artist – at least in how they want to be presented. Jessi Malay has a new EPK out that sums up her musical journey as a Pop artist thus far, and hints at what’s to come. Those wanting to know more about the “Bougie” artist may want to check out this clip.

Check Out KRNFX’s Interview with Toronto’s Breakfast Televsion

KRNFX has shared his interview and performance segment from his appearance on Toronto’s Breakfast Television series. He gets to talk a little bit with the host about his recent cover work and then proceeds to showcase his bread and butter, his beat boxing skills. With the help of a looper, the dude kills it.