Lookin’ Back: Revisiting 2013′s Biggest Moments in a-Tunes

This year has been a very full one, with lots of artists and music covered. Music videos, singles, albums, and side projects have come and gone and we are left looking back the trends and biggest moments of 2013. This summary of the year doesn’t really focus on individual artists and their day to day activities, but instead looks at some of the overarching trends and notable milestones for Asian-American music as a whole.

So in no particular order:

  • In 2013, we started to exist more to Big Business.

Although there is still a long battle ahead of us, corporations are starting to recognize the Asian-American community and it’s artists – with more song placements and even appearances by some of our artists in print and visual advertisements.

The year started off with a crack, with Psy riding the success of his mega hit, “Gangnam Style”, by appearing in a Wonderful Pistachios ad campaign that debuted during the Superbowl.

The year also featured commercial appearances by Jessica Sanchez, Mike Song, KRNFX, Rino Nakasone, Meeghan Henry, Far East Movement, Knewdles, Steve Aoki and Jasmine Villegas. Let’s hope this trend continues!

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There Are a Few Familiar Faces in the New Beats by Dre Ad


Recognize those mugshots? I do believe we have a Far East Movement & Jasmine Villegas spotting in the new ad for Beats by Dre Color Solos. I’m digging the color schemes for the different scenes too. It’s a short commercial with many different famous faces making an appearance, but we’re glad these two got a little screen time! You can check it out in full, below.


The End-of-Week Music Video Mini-Reviews Youtube Round-Up – 10/25/13

I fell behind once again this week, so the MV round-up was pushed to the end of the week. Oh well, it gave a couple extra days for some of the following videos to make the cut. There were a fair number this time around, offering a little bit more variety. If you’re in an instrumental kind of mood, we got you covered. Hip-Hop? No prob. Pop? Yup. So pull up a chair and spend some time checking out these visuals.

iNCH. – “The Chefalo Knot”
Here’s a pretty coold studio-music video for “The Chefalo Knot” off of iNCH’s latest album, Bumfuzzle. It may not be as visually creative as her last MV, but I can always appreciate a little bit of musicality in any Youtube clip.

Adam WarRock – “B.S.F.X.”
Honestly, the production values aren’t amazing, but this is the kind of video that makes Youtube so awesome. Adam takes his trademark comic book rhymes and puts together the perfect campy vid to promote it with. Can’t wait for his next album, The Middle of Nowhere.

Rocky Rivera – “Wake Up”
The release of Gangster of Love is just around the corner, and thankfully that means we’ve got this new piece by Rocky Rivera. The song is “Wake Up” and takes the narrative on a more personal path, following the artist formerly known as Eyeasage around on a typical morning. I like it like Facebook.

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Traphik x Jasmine Villegas Make Love & War In a New Skit

We can always count on Traphik to provide some humor… and perhaps the occasional eye roll. But personally, I found his new skit more of the former, even if it was predictable. The cameo by Jasmine Villegas was a welcome sight, and its cool to see the two artists connect! Maybe we’ll have a musical collaboration come our way too? One can only hope. I guess I’m just relieved we didn’t have to witness Tim put the moves on Rick.

Jasmine V Goes EDM/Pop on “Now is The Time” with Wally Lopez

It’s been interesting to see the resurgence of House and EDM in popular music over the course of the past year. Turn on the radio and you’re bombarded by high-tempo dance tunes that are done by European DJs, but feature Pop vocalists to make it catchy enough for the mainstream. Following this mold is a new tune by Wally Lopez, where he linked up with rising singer, Jasmine V, for “Now is the Time”.

I can’t say I’m the most enthusiastic fan of the ex-Bieber-crush-turned-singer, but this ain’t a half bad release from her and Wally. It’s a bit formulaic but catchy enough to have a chance.

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The “Stay” Covers Youtube Round-Up – 5/16/13

In my opinion, Rihanna’s “Stay” is one of her better songs to be released. It looks like I’m not alone with this notion because we have a total of 11 Youtube videos of artists who chose to cover the tune. That being said, the majority chose to go the same route as the original, sticking to a simple piano backdrop or even the same instrumental. But there are a couple unique gems in there that I think you’ll enjoy.

Amanda Lee x Phil Good x Vegasky Labs

Anthony Lee x Lawrence Devera

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Jasmine Villegas Reveals the Spaceplant Remix of “Paint a Smile”

Towards the end of January, Jasmine Villegas released her latest single and music video – “Paint a Smile“. Rather than let the song fade away completely, she’s chosen to unveil a new remix of the track courtesy of Spaceplant. The new rendition has a different feel from the original, going in more of an EDM direction. Stream it via Youtube or you can download this remix for free, here.

Jasmine Villegas Leaks New Song – “Breathe Your Love”

Former kid star, Jasmine Villegas, has leaked another song from the vault called “Breathe Your Love”. It’s not exactly a new official single, but she’s sharing it with the world in conjunction with Valentine’s Day. The song is produced by K Roosevelt and you can download the mid-tempo ballad for free via Hulkshare, here.

Jasmine Villegas Returns with New Single – “Paint a Smile”

Today brings us a new single and accompanying music video from Jasmine Villegas for the tune, “Paint a Smile”. The mid-tempo Pop track is an uplifting song of persevering through emotional and relational struggles – expected subject matter for a 19 year old. You can watch the music video below and pick up the single for your collection at the following retailers.

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The R&B Covers Youtube Round-Up – 8/20/12

How about some R&B tunage to close out your weekend/start off the work week? Tonight’s collection of covers and remixes are all centered around the R&B genre and we’re kicking it off with another extraordinary song by The Runs. There’s a lot to like here, so be sure to sit back and enjoy these heartfelt songs. Everyone can use a little more R&B in their lives.

The Runs (Jason Chen, Travis Graham, David So, Paul Kim) Cover “There Goes My Baby” by Usher

Baiyu Covers “4AM” by Melanie Fiona

XOXO Sings an Acoustic Mash-Up

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