Passport: John Park Releases Debut MV in Korea for “Falling”

Now that John Park has made the full fledged transition from American Idol contestant to South Korean Pop star, we’ll likely be reporting on his activities less and less. But we wanted to be sure to share with you his debut MV for the lead single “Falling” that was released in conjunction with his new mini-album. He leaves a bi-lingual message to his fans that we’ve also posted up, after the break. We’re proud of the guy!

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Passport: John Park (존박) Releases Teaser for Debut Album in Korea

Chicago’s John Park has been one of the more interesting stories we’ve had the privileged of following the past couple years. First we saw the singer make quite the impression on American Idol a couple seasons ago, only to see his momentum fizzle out quickly in the later rounds of the competition. From there, Park decided to try his luck at a similar Korean TV singing competition – Superstar K – only this time he skyrocketed to the top, finishing first runner up. With the success came a Korean record deal and now finally we are seeing glimpses of his debut album across the Pacific. We hope this will only mean big things; we’re rooting for the kid.

Passport: AI & Superstar K’s John Park Signs Deal with Korea’s Music Farm

Do you guys remember John Park? The former Northwestern University student made quite the impression on American Idol a couple years back, only to be eliminated early on in the semi-finals, then staged a surprising rise to stardom on the similar Korean TV show Superstar K. Well after placing second on that show, he’s been relatively quiet but news has emerged that he’s signed with the Korean label Music Farm. The label is home to a number of well respected artists and we wish John the best in this new chapter of his career! It looks like the transformation to KPOP star is nearly complete. Congrats John!

Source: Soompi

Passport: John Park Places 2nd in Korea’s Superstar K2

We showed you his initial audition, but months later the dust has finally settled and the second season of the hit Korean reality show Superstar K2 has come an end. Chicago native John Park won the hearts of many but it wasn’t enough to take the top spot in the finale of the show last Friday. It’s being reported that he is contemplating staying in Korea to pursue his music career, putting his studies on hold indefinitely. Time will tell whether this young talent will continue to remain in the spotlight but we at a-Tunes would like to congratulate him for going so far in a whirlwind year that saw him land coveted spots on both American Idol and Superstar K2. You can read more about his plans here.

Similar to American Idol, Superstar K2′s winner was determined by a combination of the three judges’ scores and viewers’ votes. The grand prize was 200 million won (approximately $180,000), a recording contract and a Renault Samsung QM5 car.

Source: DNW

Passport: John Park (of American Idol Fame) Competes on Korea’s Superstar K

On the last season of American Idol, John Park stood out for his crooner voice and ability to nearly charm the pants off of Shania Twain. John made it to the live semi-finals where he quickly fell into the middle of the pack and was ultimately voted off due to his flat performances and poor song choices. Personally I thought he’d be just another singer who comes and goes from the public radar but it looks like he’s giving his singing career via reality TV another shot. Superstar K, which has a lot in common with The X Factor and American Idol, is a Korean singing competition now in it’s second season. It was a run away hit and John appeared during the audition show and is rumored to be in the final top 10. He decided to sing Alicia Key’s “If I Ain’t Got You” along with a cool rendition of the Wonder Girls’ “2 Different Tears“. Judging from his audition below, he still has some issues with stage presence and “star quality”, but as the female judges Lena Park & Tasha exclaim, he’s still got that charm. Tiger JK and Seo In Young are the other judges in this episode. Gotta love JK’s closing comment “You gotta show American Idol wassup man.”

*Note: mNet’s been taking these clips down from Youtube with a vengeance, so I tried a different host. I can’t promise the clip will be up forever.