Emmalyn Estrada & the Rest of G.R.L. Join Pitbull to Perform on Jimmy Fallon

See that picture above? That’s Emmalyn Estrada doing her thing as a supporting artist (as a part of G.R.L.) for Pitbull as they perform his new single “Wild Wild Love” on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Personally, I’m not exactly a gigantic Pitbull fan, as his music has gotten repetitive and overplayed but this song ain’t half bad. I’m sure this was a huge moment for Emmalyn and the rest of the group, and we’re happy to see them making moves.

Did You See Jessica Sanchez’s Return to the American Idol Stage with Jennifer Lopez, Pia Toscano, Allison Iraheta & French Montana?

Well, it’s been a couple years since Jessica Sanchez‘s run on American Idol, but she definitely hasn’t been forgotten. J. Lo decided to bring back a few American Idol alum (Jessica Sanchez, Pia Toscano, Allison Iraheta) to help perform and promote her newest single, “I Luh Ya Papi”. They didn’t have major parts but it was still a fun event to witness them, especially Jess, back on that stage.

But before we get to that, you should check out this recap of what Jess and the others have been up to since we last heard from them. She seems to be in good spirits and more determined than ever, after the less than overwhelming sales of her debut album.

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Did You Miss Us on Today’s Good Morning America?

No… we don’t mean “us” as in a-Tunes, we mean Us, the unfathomably cute musical wedded couple of Carissa Rae and Michael Alvarado.

The two have been making waves for their 6 second covers on the video social network, Vine. They had a short interview feature and even got to sing a medley on the television program. You can check out the video below. It’s an unauthorized upload to Youtube, but you can catch a shortened, official version over at Yahoo.

It’s been an exciting year for a lot of our artists as the media exposure only continues to grow! I love it.

Re-Watch Bruno Mars’ Energetic Super Bowl XLVIII Halftime Performance With the Red Hot Chili Peppers

Last night’s game was exciting for mainly only one group of folks, die-hard Seahawks fans. Those that are casual viewers of American Football or Denver faithful probably weren’t as enthused with the outcome of last night’s festivities. But one aspect of the media specticle that seems to have been generally well received by everyone was Bruno Mars & The Hooligans’ spirited halftime show, with a cameo by the Red Hot Chili Pepppers. I’d agree with the consensus because it showed the public that BM is one very talented artist who knows how to liven things up. In case you missed it or want to rewatch it, you can do so below. But this is a seemingly unofficial upload, so it may not be up forever.

Jhene Aiko Joins Drake for a Live Performance on SNL

Ms Jhene Aiko getting a little national TV airtime? I’m can get on board with that. It wasn’t completely on the merits of her own solo material, but the beautiful R&B singer joined Drake for his stint on last weekend’s SNL, where she assisted for the performance of “From Time”. It was a cool, stylish performance with some great mood lighting. I can appreciate that.

(If the video doesn’t load, try it directly from the NBC site)

Lookin’ Back: Don Ho – “Tiny Bubbles” (1967)

As much as we love covering current Pop music, it’d be a shame if we didn’t take a look into the past and recognize the artist that laid the groundwork so many years ago. Don Ho is one such artist, straight out of Hawaii, who made a decent sized splash with his single, “Tiny Bubbles”, in 1967. It spent many weeks in the Top 100 but just missed breaking into the top 50, peaking at 57.

Don Ho was born in 1930 but didn’t start to explore his musical side until his late 20s. He achieved fairly substantial success with numerous albums and singles like “Tiny Bubbles” and “Pearly Shells”. Although none were chart toppers, he made enough of a name for himself to appear on numerous TV programs in the 60s and even had his own variety show for a few years.

He passed away at the age of 76 due to a number of health issues that had been plaguing him for a number of years. Nevertheless, he achieved a level of mainstream success that the Asian-American community is still trying to replicate even after all these years. Don’s easy-listening music worked it’s way into the tapestry of Americana music, and we have the utmost respect for him.

Lisa Park is the Coolest Musician Ever, Hands Down

Is this real life? OK, I may not have a jetpack or flying car, but I finally feel like I’ve undeniably stepped into 2014. If you’re wondering what you just saw, read the following description.

The young woman is Lisa Park. The performance is called Eunoia. The headpiece is not conveying anything to her directly. Instead, it’s reading her. It’s a NeuroSky MindWave transmitting data about her brainwaves via Bluetooth back to a computer, where a program takes the brainwave data and translates it into sounds played on the speakers set beneath the dishes of water.

What? How? OK, it may not be something you’ll want to rock out to on your playlist but this is avant garde musical art at it’s finest. You should definitely check out the rest of the article over at Omnireboot for more on Amy and her bleeding edge craft.

Tessanne Chin Has Secured a Spot in Next Week’s Finals of The Voice

Tessanne singing a little Simon & Garfunkel? Before you say anything, you should know, it works. She’s a phenomenal talent and sang the classic song, “Bridge Over Troubled Water”, with a lot of heart and substance. And I guess you agreed because you helped her survive another round of cuts and she will be in next week’s finals for The Voice. Tessanne has had a nearly flawless run and we’re excited for her!

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Go Live With These New Performance Clips

The weekend is just about upon us. If you don’t have a chance to catch any music shows this weekend, perhaps these clips will help fill your free time with some live energy. OK, to be fair, the last couple clips are more “psuedo-live” than anything else, but we’ve included them anyhow. The quality varies from one-take webcam videos to on-stage performances to something more polished and music-video-like.

KRNFX x Mike Song - “The Dancebox”

Dumbfoundead & Swim Team Cypher

Alfa Garcia – “Reckless”

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Breathe Easy, Tessanne Chin Coasts Into the Top 5 of The Voice

Another week, another solid outing by our favorite contestant on this season of The Voice, Tessanne Chin. She has yet to have a weak performance and thankfully, the country seems to agree. Although things are getting close to the wire as the season rapidly approaches the finale. But regardless, Ms Chin has found herself in the Top 5 and will be giving us another opportunity to listen to her great vocals next week. This week, she sang a Marley tune (and why not? It’s her “bread and butta” after all) and then proceeded to outsing Katy Perry on “Unconditionally”.

“Redemption Song” by Bob Marley

“Unconditionally” by Katy Perry