Breathe Easy, Tessanne Chin Coasts Into the Top 5 of The Voice

Another week, another solid outing by our favorite contestant on this season of The Voice, Tessanne Chin. She has yet to have a weak performance and thankfully, the country seems to agree. Although things are getting close to the wire as the season rapidly approaches the finale. But regardless, Ms Chin has found herself in the Top 5 and will be giving us another opportunity to listen to her great vocals next week. This week, she sang a Marley tune (and why not? It’s her “bread and butta” after all) and then proceeded to outsing Katy Perry on “Unconditionally”.

“Redemption Song” by Bob Marley

“Unconditionally” by Katy Perry

Tessanne Chin Lands in the Top 6 of The Voice

OK, America. That was kind of close. But long story short, our favorite contestant on this season of The Voice, Tessanne Chin, has been saved by your votes and lives to sing another week. But I’m beginning to see a troubling trend where she’s making less of a splash with the public. I’ve seen it happen on TV singing competitions many times where a fantastic vocalist loses the interest of the the voters because they are too consistently good. There’s less drama and unfortunately it makes them a little forgettable… and it raises a challenge where every performance has to be a homerun.

I’m diggin’ her rendition of Gwen Stafani’s “Underneath It All”, and it was a natural fit for the island girl, but I can see how it lacked a glory note moment – which matters far too much on TV. But we can breathe and rest easy for at least one more week.

Yep. Tessanne Chin Eases Her Way into the Top 8 of The Voice

On Monday night, Tessane Chin and the other 9 contestants left in the running for this season of The Voice performed. She sang the classic, “If I Were Your Woman”, by Gladys Knight & The Pips, and sang it pretty much flawlessly at that.

So there was little suspense when it came down to the results show a couple hours ago. She was safe. No controversy there. Two other contestants were sent home but we have the pleasure of seeing TC sing at least one more week. Let’s keep the support going, everyone. This girl deserves the shine!

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Did You Miss Yuna’s Performance on Conan?

Yuna has been something of a pleasant surprise to the music industry over the course of the past year or so. With the recent release of her new album, Nocturnal, Yuna is making the promotional rounds for the project. A couple days ago, she appeard on Conan to perform “Rescue”, and I’m pretty sure you’ll walk away understanding why we’re big fans here at a-Tunes.

Tessanne Chin Marches Past the Top 12 Round on The Voice

The first live week of The Voice came and went last week, and Tessanne Chin came out unscathed and ready to tackle the top 12. And she did so with ease, performing one of my favorite songs of the moment, “My Kind of Love” by Emeli Sande. Emeli is a fantastic singer and not exactly easy to cover but Tessanne can certainly hold her own. So how did she do? Well this evening she was just voted into the next round – a wise choice, America.

My only concern is that her iTunes sales have been middle-of-the-pack. Hopefully this isn’t an indication of an upset exit once the competition narrows and it starts to reflect popularity more and more.

Blush Appears on National Television on the Arsenio Hall Show

The all-girl quintent, Blush, recently appeared on the reincarnated Arsenio Hall show. They were presented by the one and only Quincy Jones and performed their latest single, “Ain’t Nobody”. It was a big opportunity for the girls, for sure. It’s a playful tune with a fun sound.

But my initial thoughts after the viewing were mixed. It just didn’t translate very well onto this particular stage. The audio lacked polish and clipped a lot and the presentation felt a bit forced. The studio version of the song is def preferred. Comments on the Youtube page seem to reflect the same sentiment, with some loving the song and some less enthused. I’m excited for every moment these girls get in the spotlight but I’m not sure this is the single to propel them to the top.

The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Youtube Round-Up – 11/06/13

Wow… it’s already November. Well we can’t let the 1st week of Thanksgiving Month go by without keeping you up to date on the MV front. It’s a fairly healthy pack today, with just shy of 10 music videos for you to check out. And it also marks the return of a couple artists who have been fairly quiet this year, so you’ll def want to check those out.

Aziatix – “Baby Let’s Go”
Aziatix has been a little quiet since signing to Cash Money, but it looks like they’ve been busy on the business end of things, inking a promotional deal with Toyota. So if you’re interested in hearing a solid Pop single set to a glorified Corolla commercial, then this is the video to watch. Let’s hope things only progress rapidly from here for the trio!

J. Reyez x Lydia Paek – “The One”
Reyez & Paek have been working together for some time, and they continue to build off their chemistry with this new track. The video is clean but lacks that extra shiny polish that some of JR’s past work have had. The song is fairly catchy but definitely under utilizes the Quest Crew queen’s talents, save for the bridge.

Wanting – “Love Ocean”
This one isn’t quite as new as the others, it’s over a month old, but we somehow completely missed it! It’s another international single from Wanting’s album, Say the Words. Beautifully shot but kind of formulaic, where they see how many odd places can they place a grand piano.

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Catch Up With Tessanne Chin on The Voice (11/5)

Last night saw the first live round of the hit singing competition, The Voice. One of our favorites had already been cut but we’ve got a strong contender left in Tessanne Chin. She represents Team Adam and sang a beautiful rendition of “Many Rivers to Cross”. In terms of iTunes sales, she was 2nd (but #37 on the charts), so it wasn’t a runaway hit but she is in relatively good standing in regards to her competition. Let’s hope she moves on to the next round!

And as a bonus, check out her video diary entry where you get to hear more of her infectious and charming island accent.

Tessanne Chin Advances Past Donna Allen on The Voice

Sometimes, you see and hear a performance that just makes you scrunch up your face and be somehow disgusted at how talented people can be. This is what happened for me when watching Tessanne Chin battle Donna Allen for a spot on NBC’s The Voice this past week. The two duked it out for Team Adam, singing an awesome cover of Emeli Sande’s “Next to Me”… and both did extremely well. But in the end, someone has to come away victorious and we’re thankful that it was Tessanne.

Four Live Performances to Start Your Week Right

It’s the beginning of the week, and that brings dread for many as another cycle of work and perhaps school begins. But if you’re a fan of acoustic, live performances, perhaps this will help get things started off on the right foot. A couple of these clips in particular are especially enjoyable.

Run River North – “Beetle”
Loved this. If only the audio was a bit cleaner but what can you expect when you’re shooting by the waterfront on a wet day in Brooklyn? The band formerly known as Monsters Calling Home continue to kill it.

AJ Rafael – “Without You”
This is a fantastic arrangement of AJ Rafael’s Pop/Rock hit, “WIthout You“. It includes an orchestra and a choir, adding a great texture and element to the song, transforming it into almost something entirely different.

Goh Nakamura – “Here’s a Secret”

Goh is no stranger to small, independent movies and this clip is from one such project called Life Inside Out. OK, this isn’t exactly a live performance since it’s just a staged one from a movie, but you know what? We’re including it anyways.

Jihae – “Slaughterhouse of Love”
Jihae continues the the promotion for her upcoming Illusion of You album. This is a simple acoustic one-shot take of the song which is reportedly the last track yet to be recorded for the project. I’m not overly enthusiastic about the song thus far, but we’ll see what happens after some studio polish.