The Holiday Covers Youtube Round-Up – 12/24/13

You’ll have to figure the scarcity of posts the past week, being the Christmas season, things have gotten awfully busy. That being said, the post count may remain a little low the next week or so but we don’t want to leave you without the latest batch of Holiday themed covers.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Sam Tsui x Yasmeen Al-Mazeedi Covers “Silent Night”

Paul Kim x David So x Z.Woods Cover “SIlent Night” & “Fa La La” by Justin Bieber

Cynthia Lin & Friends Cover “All I Want for Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey

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The Collaborative Covers Round-Up – 7/5/13

Collaborative Cover videos is today’s criteria du jour. We’ve got a number of videos with some of our favorite artists working together with faces/voices old and new. We hope you’re enjoying your holiday week thus far. Hopefully some of these will give you some tunes to jam to for the remainder of the weekend as well.

Dia Frampton x Kina Grannis Cover “Cruise” by Florida Georgia Line

The Fung Bros. x AJ Rafael Remix “Crickets” by Drop City Yacht Club

Clara C x Paul Kim Cover #Beautiful by Mariah Carey

Jason Chen x Heejun Han Cover “Treasure” by Bruno Mars

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The Cover MVs Youtube Round-Up – 5/27/13

Happy Memorial Day! The updates will likely be a little light on the site today, as it’s an extended weekend for those of us in the States. But we still wanted to make sure you had some tunage to make the most of your day, so we’ve put together another cover music video round-up. Have a safe and enjoyable day!

Ryan Mitchell Grey x Bea Go Cover “#Beautiful” by Mariah Carey x Miguel

Anthony Lee Dances to “Only Flaw” by Wayward

Maribelle Anes Covers “The Way” by Ariana Grande

Paul Kim Covers “Adorn” by Miguel

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The Christmas Covers Youtube Round-Up Pt III – 12/25/12

We hope you all have had a great Christmas day/evening so far! Here are the last of the Christmas themed covers and remixes! Perhaps a few will trickle in here and there but this will be surely close to the last of it. We hope you are staying warm and surrounded by your loved ones this holiday season.

Jason Chen x Paul Kim Cover “The Christmas Song”

Cilla Chan Covers “All I Want for Christmas” by Mariah Carey

Megan Lee Covers “Winter Wonderland”

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The Youtube Covers Round-Up – 10/9/12

Round-up time! There’s no criteria here. These are just some covers that I thoroughly enjoyed by a whole roster of artists. All the videos are pretty entertaining watches to boot, so I doubt you’ll walk away from this collection unsatisfied. Some of these songs just may be better listens than the original, but don’t take my word for it. Enjoy!

XOXO Sings a Mariah Carey Medley

Michelle Martinez x Ahmir x Lil Crazed Cover “Good Time” by Carly Rae Jepsen x Owl City

Passion x Clara C Mash Up Justin Bieber’s “Catching Feelings” and Stevie Wonder’s “As”

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Catch-Up on Jessica Sanchez’s Performances from the Top 3 of American Idol

Ooooweee, this girl is in it to win it. Jessica Sanchez is gunning for that number one post, singing for her chance to coast into the finale of Season 11 of American Idol. You can check out her performances of some classic tunes by Mariah, Aerosmith, and the Jackson 5. Once the official Youtube clips go up, we’ll swap em out because the following may not be around for long. In the mean time, vote, vote, vote for this girl!

Mariah Carey – “My All”

Aerosmith – “Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”

Jackson 5 – “I’ll Be There”

Source: MJBB

The Holiday Cover Round-Up Part 7

Aaaaaand Christmas is finally upon us so we’re bringing you the latest and likely final batch of Christmas covers that have graced the ‘Tube. A few new voices this time around along with some familiar repeat artists. We at a-Tunes would like to extend a very Merry Christmas to all of our readers and hope you are having an awesome and beautiful day. God Bless!

Connie Lim x Dawen Cover “Silent Night”

Esna Yoon Covers “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”

Rooftop Pursuit Covers “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey

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Jane Lui Releases Firework/Christmas Mash Up [Free DL]

Often with Asian-American artists who have a presence on Youtube, they can be divided into two categories. Those who do great covers of songs, and those who deserve to be covered. Jane Lui definitely falls into the latter category, and even in cases like this when she does a cover or mash-up, it’s in a league of it’s own. Here she takes Katy Perry’s “Firework”, Mariah’s “All I Want for Christmas”, and the Charlie Brown Christmas theme and blends them beautifully into one amazing song. And yes, ladies and gentleman, it’s a free DL. Merry Christmas indeed.

Kat Badar Performs Mariah Carey’s “I Still Believe”

Kat Badar, a member of the group BLYSS, recently posted up footage of her covering Mariah Carey’s well known song “I Still Believe” at an informal gig. Kat sang the song with ease. If you didn’t know it before you better recognize, this girl can sing. I really like how she doesn’t have a typical voice, it has a unique rasp to it. Be on the lookout for this one, she’s definitely got the goods.