The Cover MV Youtube Round-Up – 1/25/12

Here’s the latest batch of covers that some of your favorite artists decided to go ahead and do a music video for. It may be hard to keep up, but that’s what these round-ups are for =). Everything from Adele to Drake to Bob Dylan is represented here, along with all that’s in between. No particular order, but don’t miss the ones after the break!

Clara C Covers “Make You Feel My Love” by Bob Dylan

Paul Kim Covers “He Won’t Go” by Adele

D-Pryde Remixes “The Motto” by Drake

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The Hip-Hop Youtube Round-Up 1/15/2012

Wow, we are 15 days into the new year already. Well, as I promised last time, this round-up is all things strictly rap. I don’t believe any of the featured videos in this collection are newcomers but there’s a surprise or two in the bunch, just make sure to check em all out. There’s enough Hip-Hop bars here for everyone to enjoy.

Misfit Remixes “All Doggs Go to Heaven” by Game

D-Pryde Remixes “Rack City” by Tyga

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Two Cents: GT’s Top 10 MVs from 2011 (and 10 Honorable Mentions)

2011 was a banner year in the world of Asian-American music. We saw more releases than ever, more artists achieving more mainstream success, and more fans across more ethnic backgrounds recognizing the great music by our artists. But along with more of the good comes more of the bad – with there also being an influx in mediocre music, an increase in hate and bigotry (check Youtube comments) and even more pressure to try and stand out. That’s why I wanted to look back on the past year and choose what I consider to be my top 10 favorite music videos from 2011. Now this doesn’t mean that these are the MVs with the top production values (although this is often the case), but rather it’s a reflection of what I found to be the most well executed, balanced, and entertaining visuals. On the very last page we also have a list of 10 honorable mentions that I thought deserved to be recognized as well.

So without futher ado let’s jump straight into number 10…

10. IAMMEDIC – “Spaceship” (article)

Electronica-Pop group IAMMEDIC took the concept of their song “Spaceship” to the max by injecting a silly Star Trek inspired motif and alien abduction. The video is fun, looks great, and represents the high energy of the audio perfectly. Deep? Not so much, but fun and well executed? Very much so.

Directors/Cinematographers/ Dan Fisher and Ed Park
Produced by Joe Park and IAMMEDIC
Edited by Steve Arcenio
Visual Effects – Ed Park and Derrick Lee
3D Model by Daniel Harris
“Spaceship” Written and Produced by IAMMEDIC
Mixed by Enik Lin

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Misfit Releases the “Opium Dreams” MV

Crooked Apples MC, Misfit, has a new video to promote his upcoming Crooked Mixtape. The visuals are for the song “Opium Dreams”, and is a much brighter watch in comparison with their last feature, “Heartfelt“. Also, be sure to stay tuned till the end for a preview of the next release, which looks to be “25th Hour”.

Misfit Presents “Heartfelt” Visuals

Here’s a freeverse music video by Misfit off the upcoming Crooked Mixtape. The video may not have fancy production values, but it’s well edited and the track is dope so in the end it comes out a winner in my book. Misfit chose a great beat to rhyme over, this guy is definitely one of the more underrated MCs we cover.

The Rap Remix Round-Up – 11/30/11

Nah, this ain’t a Youtube round-up, as a number of the tracks you’re about to hear were delivered through various mediums but not limited to the Tube. So instead we have just a collection of tracks that have dropped in the recent – all Rap/Hip-Hop remixes of songs both old and new across various genres. So here they are in no particular order:

  • Misfit – “So Crooked” (a remix of “Bonfire” by Childish Gambino)

The Non-Video Youtube Rap Remix Round-Up – 11/16/11

Rap, more than any other genre, tends to lend itself to a surplus of mixtape tracks, leaks, and remixes. It’s a part of the musical fabric that makes up the style. Taking beats from other people’s tracks and putting your own spin on it, improving upon and out rhyming the other man… it’s to be expected. But the sheer quantity of remixes means that somethings gotta give, and in the Youtube generation that means we see many “videos” without much video footage at all, if any. Instead, rappers use the medium to quickly broadcast their remix to the world, often forgoing videos in the interest of time and effort – perhaps settling on slapping some cover art on their and calling it a day. Today’s round-up is a collection of those videos… no need to pay attention to the clip here. Just press play, move on to another tab in your browser and enjoy.

Snacky Chan Remixes “Do It Myself” by Young Buck

Ed-Two Remixes “Lights” by Elle Goulding & Bassnectar

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“No Good” by Misfit Now Available for Purchase

It took a little while to show up in the online stores but sure enough, Misfit’s “No Good” is now available via digital retailers. For those of you that missed the Hip-Hop track, the song was first uploaded to Youtube several weeks ago, followed by the music video release within the past week. And now, you can finally officially add the track to your collection via legitimate means.

Purchase: iTunes, AmazonMP3

Misfit Releases a Good “No Good” MV

Most of the time, it’s better to drop a video properly rather than often – a strategy that Misfit seems to rely on. The visuals for his single “No Good” (that he previously shared) have legitimately impressive production values ensuring that what he may not have in quantity he more than well makes up for in quality. This very well may be the nicest MV you’ll see all week, indie or commercial artist alike.

New Music From Misfit B Nogood – “No Good” & “The Chase”

Misfit has posted up a pair of new tracks called “No Good” & “The Chase”. Though fairly different in sound from each other, both tracks are decent drops from the California MC with the former being mid-tempo and the latter much more upbeat. The songs should be available as DL’s in the near future and we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop once that happens. For now, stream away courtesy of the Youtube clips below.