Lookin’ Back: Revisiting 2013′s Biggest Moments in a-Tunes

This year has been a very full one, with lots of artists and music covered. Music videos, singles, albums, and side projects have come and gone and we are left looking back the trends and biggest moments of 2013. This summary of the year doesn’t really focus on individual artists and their day to day activities, but instead looks at some of the overarching trends and notable milestones for Asian-American music as a whole.

So in no particular order:

  • In 2013, we started to exist more to Big Business.

Although there is still a long battle ahead of us, corporations are starting to recognize the Asian-American community and it’s artists – with more song placements and even appearances by some of our artists in print and visual advertisements.

The year started off with a crack, with Psy riding the success of his mega hit, “Gangnam Style”, by appearing in a Wonderful Pistachios ad campaign that debuted during the Superbowl.

The year also featured commercial appearances by Jessica Sanchez, Mike Song, KRNFX, Rino Nakasone, Meeghan Henry, Far East Movement, Knewdles, Steve Aoki and Jasmine Villegas. Let’s hope this trend continues!

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The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Youtube Round-Up – 12/5/13

Greetings. It’s the middle of the week so you know what that means here in a-Tunes land… our weekly music video reviews round-up! This one is a relatively thicker pack of videos, with a number of artists debuting their work during and shortly after the holiday weekend. But that just means more for you to enjoy this first week in December!

Marie Digby – “Home (Ireland)”
Marie has had many opportunities to explore her Japanese heritage, but it wasn’t until more recently when she had the chance to experience her Irish background. This tune takes Digby in a more sleepy, peaceful direction that helps convey a genuine sense of awe. The breathe taking shots of the country certainly made the video a great watch.

Rocky Sandoval – “Heart Slows Down”
We finally have a video for this 2012 single. The good news is that the joint is off his newly announced debut album, Throwback. I always thought this was one of his more polished tunes and something that has the potentially to chart fairly well on top 40 radio. Or maybe I just think we could all use a little bit more R&B in our lives.

Dawen – “美麗 (Beautiful)”
Dawen takes things in a completely different direction from his last single, “Hello“, and instead chooses a more melodramatic route for this ballad. The move makes sense, as it caters to a style and aesthetic that Asian Pop has mastered over the years.

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The Solo Cover MVs Youtube Round-Up – 11/11/13

Hello, friends! Happy Monday/Veterans Day/ Pepero Day to you all. And if none of that applies to you, happy Peperonery Day©! So we’ve got a baker’s dozen worth of remixes and cover music videos to share with you. The underlying common theme is that in each music video, you will only see one person. That’s it. There’s just one individual (the artist) in each of these clips, no bandmates, no supporting characters, no guest features, no cameos – just the artist, the music, and you. Oh and I managed to slip myself in there too. But I can do that, cause I run this site.

Z. Woods Remixes “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk x Pharrell

Lydia Paek Covers “Fine China” by Chris Brown

Gifted Thought Remixes “My Notes” by Atmosphere

Conne Lim Covers “Blue Skies” by Irving Berlin

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Catch Up With the Remaining Episodes of ‘Destroy the AGs’ with Michelle Martinez

We haven’t been as diligent in sharing the latest episodes of Destroy the Alpha Gammas, the musical web-series that stars Michelle Martinez in a supporting role. This is largely because Ms. Martinez has had less screen time in the latter episodes; but now that the series has come to a conclusion, we’ve decided to post up all the remaining clips all at once. Michelle does make a small appearance here and there, and overall we’re glad she was a part of the production. It doesn’t quite appear that the show was the runaway hit the producers were hoping it would be, but it certainly had it’s entertaining moments.

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 3 of ‘Destroy the AGs’ (with Michelle Martinez) is Now Out

The third episode of this ongoing web-series has a bit more plot exposition than the last couple of installments, but perhaps the best surprise is the cameo by Dennis Haskins, aka Mr. Belding from Saved by the Bell. Our favorite cast member, Michelle Martinez, doesn’t have any singing parts in this round, but the music was limited to a solitary solo performance. The series doesn’t exactly have me on the edge of my seat, but it is getting mildly intriguing.

Watch Michelle Martinez in Episode 2 of ‘Destroy the Alpha Gammas’

Last week, we saw the debut of the new musical web-series, Destroy the Alpha Gammas, where Michelle Martinez stars in a supporting role as Ling. The producers are aiming to release an episode every Wednesday and today leaves us with the 2nd episode that features songs by Kelis and Cee-lo. Musically, everyone is doing a solid job but the character development is pretty thin thus far.

The First Episode of the ‘Destroy the Alpha Gammas’ Musical Makes It’s Premiere w/ Michelle Martinez

We’ve been waiting for this series to make it’s debut ever since we heard about it, and the show has finally landed on Youtube after a slight delay. Destroy the Alpha Gammas is a musical web-series similar to Glee but with a slightly more mature spin with the characters being in college. And why this is of particular interest to us is because one of the supporting characters, Ling, is played by none other than Michelle Martinez.

This episode contains covers of Kanye West and Adele. It follows a typical story arc thus far, but it’s a fairly entertaining watch. Hopefully it will only continue to build momentum.

The a-Tunes Meta Covers Youtube Round-Up – 8/26/13

So what do we mean when we say a-Tunes Meta Covers? These are songs and videos of a-Tunes artists covering other a-Tunes artists. In other words, it’s a double dip. It’s an ode to the community, a tip of the hat to other artists in the scene. It’s artists showing love to other like-minded artists, from both now and the past… and we respect that. So enjoy this round-up, it’s been a while since we’ve gone meta! A few artist in particular absolutely killllled their covers.

KRNFX Covers “Locked Out of Heaven” by Bruno Mars

Michelle Martinez Covers “Do You Miss Me?” By Jocelyn Enriquez

Megan Lee Mashes Up “Gentleman x Gangnam Style” by Psy

Legaci x Summerbreeze Covers “Locked Out of Haven” by Bruno Mars

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Michelle Martinez to Appear in New Web-Series Musical – ‘Destroy the Alpha Gammas’



On August 21st, a new musical web-series called Destroy the Alpha Gammas will make it’s debut and features a familiar face among it’s talented cast. Michelle Martinez plays the role of Ling in this six-part series by director Scott Brown. It looks to take the Glee concept further outside the highschool halls and bring some of the sing-along magic to a college campus. We’ll keep you posted on it’s debut in a few weeks time. Looking forward to see Ms. Martinez kill it (hopefully)!

Snapshot: Music & Fashion with Honey Cocaine & Michelle Martinez

Honey Cocaine x Michelle Martinez

Honey Cocaine x Michelle Martinez

The above photo was posted to instagram a month or so back, when Michelle Martinez and Honey Cocaine both found themselves in Florida for an event. We love these behind the scenes candid shots that show the solidarity and camaraderie among our artists. And just for the heck of it, we’ve got one more for you below. Now what has to be done to get both of the ladies on a track together?

Say Cheese!

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