Passport: Snacky Chan Features on “Irony” by the Money Maker$

If you have your own label and are developing artists under your umbrella, it’s only right that you do everything to support your musical fam in every way that you can. That’s exactly what Snacky Chan has done with his participation in “Irony” by the Korean Hip-Hop group, Money Maker$. If you’re interested in a little Hip-Hop from the Republic of Korea, then check out this Dynasty Muzik song & video.

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Passport: Kato Produces for The Yellow Boyz & Money Maker$ (New Group Under Chan’s Label)

This track is packed to the brim with international Hip-Hop talent. That’s why it’s a prime choice for our first entry into our new Category called ‘Passport’.

Atlanta based producer Kato had the opportunity to link up with a few notable Kyopo talents including The Yellow Boyz and Chan via his new group Money Maker$. If you recall, the YBZ have been going back and forth to Korea, exploring a number of opportunities – one of which includes connecting with Chan, another MC who has migrated from the states and made a name for his self over there. Chan has been busy developing artists under his own label – Dynasty Muzik, the first being a young duo called the Money Maker$. And there you have it, the official debut of a new group courtesy of various international talent.