New MV from Pmac – “Second Chances”

Pmacalac‘s got some new visuals for another joint off his First Impression album. This time around he’s promoting “Second Chances”, mixing up sung and rapped vocals for a slower track. To properly pair the video with the song in style, they decided to shoot it at twice the speed and slow it down – resulting in the effect you see below.

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Pmac Drops Videos for “Invincible” & More

Rapper Pmac is another rapper to go on a video binge, releasing a number of visuals over the past couple weeks – with many of them as promotional watches for songs from his First Impression mixtape released earlier this year. The clip immediately below is the latest for the song “Invincible” featuring JVoqalz. After the break you will find “I’m Good”, “Face the Facts” and “Dreams Money Can Buy”. Some videos are a bit more substantial than others but it’s all a fair way to pass some time to some pretty decent music.

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[Music Video] Pmac – “Pretty Brown Eyes” (ft Jenny Suk) [Free DL]

Pmac‘s got a new video out for his latest track “Pretty Brown Eyes”. It’s not so much a full fledged MV as it is a simple one-shot promo video for the track. Recognize the leading lady? It’s none other then Jenny Suk, showing off a little bit of her acting chops. The video is fitting and a better way to promote a single than your average youtube cover art video though I’m still diggin the song a lot more than the visuals.

Pmac Drops New Album & MV for Single “One”

Pmac makes his return with a brand new album called First Impression along with the lead single “One”. The track makes use of a dope sample flip of the classic rock group Three Dog Night. The video features some sharp visuals and snazzy text effects that really add an extra punch. I haven’t heard from this artist in a while but I gotta say I came away impressed with this joint. Props to him and his team. “One”, along with the rest of the album, is available for free DL, grab it here!

Just ‘Cause: The Surprise Music Speaks 2010 Video for AJ Rafael

What do Kev Jumba, Ryan Higa, Chester See, JRA, Cathy Nguyen, Jesse Barrera, Andrew Garcia, Victor Kim, WongFu Productions, Jasmine Rafael, Jenny Suk, Summer Breeze, Melissa Polinar, Raelynne Rosales, Nessa Rica, Carissa Rae, Andrew Rhim, Melvin Gutierrez, PMAC, Adrian Per, Ubetunes, SquareMarden, Christine Concepcion, RB, Passion, and the rest of the Rafael Family have in common? They are all close to AJ Rafael in one form or another and have decided to put together a surprise video clip to show their love and support for the man, musician, friend, and family member that he is. This clip was made and revealed at Music Speaks 2010, the benefit concert organized by AJ in support of Autism, completely to his surprise. It’s a touching glimpse at the friendships and relationships that surround him.

Adrian Per x Pmac x Jvoqalz Release “Live Without Ya”

Here’s another Bay Area collab with Adrian Per linking up with Pmac &  Jvoqalz with a new track they call “Live Without Ya”. They flip a motown sound sample making for a decent, upbeat song. I wasn’t really feeling how the hook was done. In general I enjoyed this one but I wouldn’t say it’s a complete homerun. You can DL it for free via the widget below.

JVoQalZ x Pmac x Adrian Per x Dexter Lopez x Illa x Jayne Rio Release “Summer Day in the Bay” MV

A couple days back, the official MV was dropped for the huge bay area collab appropriately titled “Summer Day in the Bay”. The song features a whole grip of artists: JVoQalZ, Pmac, Adrian Per, Dexter Lopez, Illa, and Jayne Rio. The video matches the vibe of the song perfectly and makes for a great summer jam. Not everyone had amazing parts but its all feel good music so its not much of a concern this time. The video quality is crisp and music is chill … can’t ask for much more! I just wish there was more Jayne Rio in the song.

Source: ChannelAPA

Pmac x JVoQalZ Release ‘Nothing On Me’ MV

Pmac and JVoQalZ have remixed the current hit ‘Nothing on You’ by B.o.B. and Bruno Mars, and pretty decently I must say. They chose a great song to use as a base and their result is an equally catchy track. The MV is sharp but there is some crazy motion blur going on. As for the story of the video, its more of the same thing you see everywhere else but the editing work is pretty solid.

If you’re feeling the remix you can download the track for free here.

Source: ChannelAPA