Notorious MSG Releases the “Red Tonight” MV

It’s been months since the Notorious MSG first revealed the preview for their “Red Tonight” music video (announced in May). But the day has come for it’s official release, in all it’s nostalgia-hazed, stylistic glory. The song is from their Heavy Ghetto album that dropped earlier this year and well… let’s just say both are 100% authentic MSG. I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether that’s a good or bad thing. As for me, their general zaniness and debauchery tends to err more on the side of humorous than not… mutchasuckaaaaa.

[MV Preview] Notorious MSG – “Red Tonight”

Hot off the release of their brand new album Heavy Ghetto, the Notorious MSG have just posted up an MV trailer for the first single – “Red Tonight”. It looks like we can expect a lot of retro-infused hilarity… a seemingly perfect fit for the musical comedy trio. I’m starting to think MSG & Lyrics Born might have to do a collab. They are both artists with an absurd amount of creative energy; the idea is so crazy it just might work. Anyway, look for the MV to drop in the near future.