Sci Releases “Kapowski In My Audi” MV

Sci Nebula (of the Triangle Offense & the Jersey Boys) has dropped a quick one-shot MV of his track ‘Kapowski In My Audi” from his Sci: Year One project released earlier this year. The song is over the ‘Lark On My Go-Kart’ instrumental by Asher Roth. It’s a fun short & simple video but it looked friggn cold 0ut there haha. The project album is still available for free DL so grab it if you haven’t yet.

WTF: Music Stimulus Package

Everyone loves free music. Whether or not it helps or hurts an artist is an entirely different discussion entirely. But when the artist offers the music up for free, who can argue with that!? For This Week’s Thursday Freebie I’ve gone through our archives and have posted up many of the songs, albums & mixtapes that artists have posted up throughout 2009. Some links take you to file hosting sites, some can be downloaded straight from the link, since I didn’t originally post up the links I have no control over the delivery medium =P.

These were officially released for free by the artists themselves, so if you’re a fan BP & Odds, Decipher, Dumbfoundead, EyeAsage, Jimmy Boi, Johnnyphlo, J. Reyez, Kato, Lyrics Born, Magnetic North, Taiyo Na, Conchita Campos, Paul Dateh, Roscoe Umali, Sci, Shogunna, or Triangle Offense and missed any of these releases than by all means help yourself!

Note, some of these tracks can also be found on the a-Tunes Mix Vol: 1, which is not an official release.

Links after the jump. Enjoy!

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WTF: sci – year one [the collection]


Some of you may remember us posting about an ambitious project entitled Sci: Year One by producer/singer/rapper Sci Nebula. In short, it was a track a week released for the duration of an entire year. We caught wind of it towards the end of the endeavor but now that the year is up Sci has released the entire project as one convenient download.

It’s a ton of tracks, and as expected, some are gonna be better than others but regardless I thought it would be fitting to showcase the work of such a hard working dude as this Week’s Thursday Freebie.

Congrats to Sci for seeing this all the way through! Here’s what he had to say about the release:

Because my mixing skills have evolved a bit since I started this project, I went back and re-mixed the songs I’ve done this year to improve the overall quality.  Also, I got my homie @paoweezy to lace me with a snazzy cover!  Now, ladies and gents, I can proudly present to you – the “sci: year one” collection.  Download it for free.  Tell all your friends and tell them to tell their friends!

If you’re interested in filling up that mp3 player w/ a ton of music you can find the link after the jump!

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Free weekly tracks for a year from Sci Nebula

Sci Nebula, a producer/singer/rapper from the hip hop group Jersey Boys, recently contacted me and let me know about a project going on called Sci: Year One. With this endeavor, he will be releasing a track a week for an entire year, free for DL. He’s already well over half into the project but its not too late to catch up and keep up.

Head on over to his website to check it out and whet your appetite for some new Hip Hop music.