The Mid-Week Music Video Mini-Reviews Youtube Round-Up – 3/20/14

After a few weeks of being slightly off schedule, we’re back to our mid-week routine. This week’s crop of music videos lean a little more energetic in either tempo, style or both. Of course there is an exception or two in the batch but otherwise you’ll find some hard hitting Hip-Hop tracks along with an EDM joint thrown in for good measure.

Newko x Mr Sicc x Devolo x Mr Tyfoon x Vovo x Tha Movement x Shogunna – “I Am”
]This was kind of a pleasant surprise. I’ve never heard of Newko or any of these artists except for Sho (and Tyfoon, whom I haven’t heard from in YEARS). The video is sharp quality, especially for a street video – but this is one of those big posse cuts that end up being full of energy and a bunch of hungry artists who want to outshine each other. That kind of group competition is refreshing. But perhaps most of all, I’m just glad to see Shogunna come out of hiding again.

AR|2 – “Hammertime”
For those that need a refresher, AR|2 is the side project for Adrian Per and a couple other producers, namely DJ Rodd & Rollinbeatz. The video is comprised of the requisite lights, quick cuts, and montage club footage though that doesn’t take away from an otherwise decent EDM track (which you can get for free, btw).

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The Hip-Hop Remixes Youtube Round-Up – 10/7/13

For today’s Remix round-up, we stuck to the genre of Hip-Hop. There are some well known, current songs on here, along with a couple older and lesser known beats. A quite a few of these are pretty enjoyable and a decent flip when compared to the original. Check em out and see if there’s anything to your liking.

J. Reyez x Lydia Paek Remixe “Power Trip” by J. Cole

Ruby Ibarra & Friends Remix “Scapegoat” by Atmosphere

Lil Crazed x Phlip x Block Remixes “Bad” by Wale

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The Mid-Week Music Video Mini-Reviews Youtube Round-Up – 9/4/13

It may be the unofficial end of Summer but it looks like a lot of artists have been busy as of late. Since our last music video round-up, the following clips made their way in front of our eyes over the course of the past week. There’s a little Hip-Hop, some Pop, some EDM, and Pop-Rock all throw in there to give you a fair bit of variety. And of course, what would it be without our humble opinion thrown in the mix too?

Heejun Han x Pusha T – “Bring the Love Back”
Heejun Han finally makes his post-Idol debut. The video is your typical party-it-up-in-the-summer video fare but more importantly, how’s the song? Does it cater to Heejun’s talents? Not really. Is it over-produced? Definitely. How is Pusha T’s feature? OK but half-assed. Is it radio ready? Yes, but if Jessica Sanchez couldn’t get air-time with “Tonight“, I’m not sure this one can either.

AJ Rafael – “I Just Want You” (ft Amy Pham)
This isn’t so much a music video as it is a video lookbook set to AJ‘s “I Just Want You”. So you can expect pretty people wearing stylish clothes and AJ making appearances throughout to woo the girl. It’s not the deepest visual, but it was never meant to be. I imagine a fair number of you will enjoy this.

Shogunna – “100 Bars”
Shogunna is beginning to sound like his old, hungry self again, and it’s good to hear him start to build things up after his “hiatus“. The dude even has a Vevo channel set up, which means he’s doing something right. So it’s a solid Hip-Hop track with a unmemorable video. The quality is clean but there’s nothing that sticks out save for the shaky-cam effect that makes me think I’m watching a Matt Damon action film.

DJ Yup – “Nail It to the Head”
If you’re into EDM this is a fair entry from DJ Yup though the video isn’t an official music video. It’s more of a way to promote/preview the track with footage that blatantly tries to remind you that he’s having more fun than you are. But I guess that’s par for the course for the genre.

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Here Are Six Artists Aiming to Make a Comeback in 2013

Not every artist has the time nor resources to drop a new single or video every month, let alone every week like some other artists do. We get it. And sometimes a fair amount of time will pass between promotional releases, for various reasons. But not many artists can stay away from the scene for too long, as they slowly but surely prepare to claw their way back into the public consciousness. Here are six artists that have earmarked 2013 as a milestone for a comeback. Four have introduced new singles while two are promoting older work with new videos. Either way, here’s to hoping that they each make the most of the latter half of this year.

  1. Shogunna – “Life” ft Grace Ikenasio

    We liked the single when we first heard it, and the Furis directed MV makes us enjoy it that much more.
  2. Sophia Moon – “Real Thing”

    Purchase: AmazoniTunesSpotify
    S. Moon switches gears from her previous dance/pop to more of a singer/songwriter vibe, and it seems to be a move in the right direction.
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Shogunna Comes Back to “Life”

Due to a number of reasons, releases from Shogunna have been sparse in the past couple of years. But word is that he’s aiming to make a comeback and will drop a new mixtape this year. To satiate his long time fans, he’s leaked a single called “Life” off the project, and has a music video in the works as well. The track features Grace Ikensasio who provides some vocal support. I’m liking what I’m hearing so far.

Shogunna Makes a Comeback with “Stay Official”

The last we heard of Shogunna, he ran into some legal trouble last year and it’s been quiet from his camp since. It seems that those days are largely behind him as he breaks the silence with his comeback track, “Stay Official”. He seems as tenacious and hungry as ever. It should be interesting to see how things unfold for him after the unexpected hiatus. Good to have him back, though!

Shogunna Reportedly Arrested & Detained

Details are a bit sparse but folks close to the rapper known as Shogunna have taken to twitter to spread the word that he has been arrested and is currently being detained. Unfortunately, this is not Shogun’s first brush with the law. We have no official details to report at this time but it’s always with a heavy heart when we have to share such difficult news regarding our artists. We wish Shogunna the best during these trying times and hope he is able to move past all of this very soon.

Decipher Drops The Cause Mixtape [Free DL]

With anticipation building for Decipher’s next full length album, he’s gone ahead and dropped a mixtape to keep the fans satiated. It includes a lot of old work and some never before heard material. To say it’s jam packed is an understatement, where else you gonna find a release with 43 tracks? Of course, there are features from some of the usual suspects including Shogunna, Andrew Choi, Chan, Ailee, Manifest, Johnnyphlo, Rousseau and more! It’s a free DL so don’t sleep!

Check out what he had to say about the release along with the full tracklist after the break.

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Shogunna x Mye-T x Jolly-V Release “Collaboration”

A new song produced by Lukalee featuring Shogunna, Mye-T and Jolly-V appropriately called “Collaboration” was recently released online. The beat is sick and has a great strings sample and each MC comes correct. The scratching it just icing on the cake. Plus it’s always dope to hear a female rock the mic and carry her own. I’m loving this track.

Credit: AHHT

Jin Drops Tribute Song to Asian MC’s – ‘The A-List’

Jin, arguably the most well-known Asian-American MC, decided to drop a track in tribute of all the Asian MC’s he respects that are doing their thing right now. This song is in response to a list that was published by a blogger on their top 10 Greatest Asian MC’s list, where Jin made the cut at #1. It’s encouraging to see Jin give a nod to his fellow colleagues, or as his once famously said in a Freestyle battle “cause Game recognize game”. He spits over the instrumental to Drake’s “It’s Over”.

Here’s the complete list of rapper’s he shouted out on the track. Ill.

  1. Dumbfoundead
  2. Southstar
  3. Bambu
  4. Roscoe Umali
  5. Geologic (of Blue Scholars)
  7. Far East Movement
  8. Snacky Chan
  9. Mountain Brothers
  10. Young Mac
  11. LS
  12. Reign
  13. Flowsik
  14. Shogunna
  15. Rook
  16. Lyrics Born
  17. Chuckie Akenz
  18. Kamikaze Grey
  19. Lil’ Crazed
  20. Lyricks
  21. Manifest
  22. Thai
  23. Decipher
  24. J. Reyez
  25. D-Pryde
  26. Johnnyphlo
  27. Demo (of D-League)
  28. Tantrum
  29. Traphik