Carlos Galvan Has a Follow-up Interview w/

Carlos Galvan has a new interview out with, as they go indepth about what he’s been up to and what has happened since the last time they spoke. It’s a thorough read but explains how so much has happened in the past year including his linking of with the Jiggy Fellaz crew and his thoughts on the new Uptown. He also talks about his recently released effort South Cide. Check out the full read after the break or head on over to HK!

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Carlos (formerly of Uptown) Joins New Group and Releases MV for “Hustle”

How many of you all remember Carlos? The part Mexican, part Korean American MC that is most well known for his work with the Korean Hip-Hop group Uptown. Well whether or not you’ve been keeping up with his rise and fall and subsequent efforts to climb back into the musical limelight, just know that he’s back with a new group called South Cide. Peculiar spelling aside, they’ve got a new single called “Hustle” along with DJ Tom Hustle,  featuring Lita on the hook and Pinnacle and Vasco on verses. This one has a throwback feel to it and its honestly the strongest I’ve heard Carlos in years. Lita was kinda meh but she didn’t ruin the track either.

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