Rin on the Rox … On the Rocks?

Is Rin on the Rox no more? It appears to be that way. Now, understand there’s no reason given as to why the star youtube group has halted activites but they have posted the following tweets:

To everyone who supported ROTR…thank you so much. It may be obvious that roxanne and i decided to take another path with our career, WLY!!

We’re just mainly on a break…So sorry we havnt been on YouTube in awhile…We love and miss you all!

In addition, Erin has started up a new youtube page for herself and she’s already posted up a few solo videos. Is this the end of Rin on the Rox? I guess we’ll find out in time.

For a couple of girls who got famous for singing in their bathroom, invited to Ellen and released a single, its obvious they’ve come a long way. Hopefully their journey will continue.


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