Chuckie Akenz Releases New Track – “Reality”

Canadian Rapper Chuckie Akenz, who continues to shorten his name (Chuckie Akenz >> Chuckie A >> c.A), just dropped a new track after a lengthy break. This one is entitled “Reality” and it shows a lot of musical growth on Chuckie’s behalf. I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t realy a c.A fan before but this song is beginning to change my mind. Well I guess he always did do better on the introspective raps and not the mindless tough talk. Great beat choice too (which is apparently sampled off Sigur Ros)

Source: AHHT

Lyrics after the break.

i wasnt born with it, so i gotta go n get it/
but how to get it, when you lost, broke and under fedded/
although im headed in directions that could have me deaded/
…but once i said it, cant go back until the day i get it/
and so im chasing a dream, thats seems impossible/
while homies chasing the cream, you know i keep the rocket bro/
up in the studio, or places where the artists go/
its getting harder though, feel like ima father yo/
these days of youth so many troubles to blame/
remember going all out for a ounce of fame/
so im in love with the game, i give a fuck if i aim/
so high, beyond stars like aerial planes/
but what i start i finish, like daytime minutes/
what i live cant mimic in no rap song gimmick/
anger and then confidence, blasting no arguements/
my gun claps back at the stage just like an audience/

in Native language

cuz fuck i done seen it, so these days is real hazey/
gotta smoke alotta blunts, to keep the thoughts out daily/
cuz shits its got me thinking, like that little light thats blinking/
cuz shit we barely living, on these streets unfairly prisoned/
where we working in the plant, or holding the street corner/
just answering phones, or home grow marijuana/
you just doing what you know best, staying alive/
and i can never hate a person who just tryna survive/
so yes i done told em, . life is no warning/
cuz things change quick …like snow to autumn/
if things dont switch, then guess you falling/
you grind real hard and maybe you balling/
got dreams, chase em, never give it up/
cuz the minute you stop is the moment you fucked/
see i know whats been wrong, we been chasing so long/
just know the nights darkest before you see the dawn/

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