Showdown: J-Ricz x Chris D vs Elle x Sky Muzik

Here we go, it’s time for another Showdown! You know the song “Last Christmas” by Wham? Well I don’t know about you but just as I do every year around this time, I’ve been hearing this song everywhere. So it’s no surprise when I started seeing the covers pop up on Youtube. Here are two very different renditions of the holiday favorite, one by J-Ricz and Chris D, and the other by Elle & Sky Muzik. The former is a more R&B type of ballad, done acapella with rich harmonies. The latter is a pop cover more faithful to the original with some modern embellishments and cuter, upbeat vocals that kind of has a KPOP vibe to it.

J-Ricz x Chris D

Elle x Sky Muzik

Personally for me, it really depends on my mood. I can see myself preferring either version depending on the situation. So which one did you like more? Vote!

Now, if I could only get this song outta my head!

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