Worst Ever: Peter Chao Does Blackface

Youtube comedian/”musician”/personality Peter Chao has the tendency to both crack me up and make me shake my head in disdain. One of his latest videos, entitled “Chinese Guy WHIPS His D!CK (Back and Forth)!”, made me do the latter and potentially turned me off from his comedy completely.

His self-deprecating humor is already too much for many, as he puts on a crazy chinese accent and generally acts a fool. I for one found him to be humorous, occasionally hilarious, all the while acknowledging that it is in fact racist. But his latest video crossed a line. He went from making jokes about his and others cultures, to actually visually mocking African-Americans via blackface. For those of you that aren’t familiar with blackface… read up. But in general it’s a very degrading representation.

There may be some of you who think I’m being too uptight and that I’m just missing the point of his humor. Maybe so, but I still stand by the fact that there’s a fine line between funny and distasteful, and Peter Chao completely jumped into the latter side head first. I couldn’t even finish the clip, I was so disgusted.

And that is why I’ve chosen to unsubscribe.  I’m not telling any of you who are fans to do the same. But I am at least asking yourself, is this a justifiable cost for some cheap laughs? If someone did yellowface, I doubt you’d be laughing.


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