Youtube Singers Release Tribute Single for Japan Tsunami & US Tornado Victims

A total of 55 Youtubers have contributed to this project single called “We Pray for You”, a tribute song for the victims of terrible natural disasters in Japan and the US. The concept is similar to the Haiti tribute from last year. A number of a-Tuners were in the mix including Chris Cedeña, Stacy Dudero, AJ Rafael, Kevin Lien, David Choi, Jason Chen, and Jessica Sanchez. The track is an awesome gesture and full of great intention although to be quite frank, while it’s beautifully sung it felt so heavy handed and overly-syrupy. Needless to say these singers are trying to do something great with their talents, and I support that. The song is available on iTunes & Amazon.

Proceeds go to the Japan redcross to benefit disaster victims of Japan’s Earthquake/Tsunami and to the American redcross for the victims of recent tornadoes in the southern United States.

Source: Droku

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