Oak & Gorski Drop the “New York” MV

Duo Oak & Gorski have a new MV out for their song “New York” from their album Love Destroyer. But the story behind the production and editing of this video is a little different from your average music visual.

CAKE LIVE Sponsors Camp RED! Here is one of the many music videos from Camp RED! CAKE LIVE provided an array of talented musicians, artists and bands to participate in the music video production segment of the camp. This video was shot on the RED Epic and edited on Adobe CS 5.5 – all by kids aged 9-15! We think they did an amazing job!

For more info about CAKE LIVE, visit http://www.cakelive.com
For more info about Camp RED, visit http://www.red.com/learn/campred

Honestly, we’d have to agree. The young team behind this video did an excellent job. Props to them on a well-produced video. I’m pretty sure all I was doing at that age was play Goldeneye on N64.


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