Sam Ock Debuts “Your Own”

Sam Ock has felt called to direct his talents into writing praise/worship music, with “Your Own” being the latest of the initiative. Keeping in line with songs of this nature, it’s a catchy tune with easy to follow lyrics. You can find them after the break and if you’d like the sheet music, you can find them here as well. Take a listen and DL via the widget below.

The spirit’s willing but the flesh is weak
Bring us into the light so we can see
All of our sin and shame put on your Son all upon his name

Now you give us the words to speak
Lord we sing of your truth in melody
All for your holy name, Lord in our weakness we now proclaim

You are perfect in your wrath, so perfect in your judgment
All who rise against your name will crumble at your feet
And You sent your only son our advocate of mercy
Through the risen spotless Lamb, now we’re called your own

Praise the king of love and justice
Calling all his people to rise up
He is clothing us in power
We will store your Word within our hearts

Praise the king who will return for all his remnant in the earth
We are yourscreditsreleased 05 January 2012
Written by Sam Ock

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