Passport: Paul Kim Releases “My Love (내 삶의 정답)” in Korea

As previously announced, Paul Kim has released his debut single in the Korean music market, “My Love (내 삶의 정답)”. Looks like Ailee wasn’t the only Korean-American to have their debut single MV released today! This is a mid-tempo Pop/Ballad with a short-film style music video to match – all staples of the KPop industry. Unfortunately Mr. Kim wasn’t able to appear in the video but let’s hope the song gains some traction out there and provide the R&B singer some additional opportunities abroad!

Official music video for my debut in Korea with XP Entertainment. Due to my hectic schedule I was unable to appear in the video, but I feel this video perfectly embodies what the song is about. I am so happy to release this song in my homeland!

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