The a-Tunes Meta Covers Youtube Round-Up 4/2/12

We have a bit of a truncated round-up today, with just 5 videos for your viewing. But it’s almost like getting two for the price of one with each clip, because today’s theme is a-Tunes artist covering a-Tunes artist, hence the “meta”-ness of the whole thing. It’s like the Inception of Youtube covers! We hope you’re enjoying your first couple days of April – but here’s an open call out to all our fans and artists alike: Let’s continue to support & show each other love by covering and pushing the songs of our fellow artists!

Eunice Kiss Covers Far East Movement‘s “Live My Life

Royal Pirates Cover Ailee‘s “Heaven

Summer Breeze Covers AJ Rafael‘s “We Could Happen

Sam Ock Covers Jason Min‘s “Here Not There”

Passion Covers Melissa Polinar‘s “Meant to Be”

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