Passport: Robert de Boron Shares the MV for “All on the Table” ft Magnetic North x Taiyo Na

This is one of those pleasant surprises that we love seeing come across our way. Japan’s Robert de Boron has a new album on the way, On the Rainbow, and has released a music video to promote one of it’s singles. The song in question is “All on the Table” and features one of our favorite collaborative crews – MNTN  (Magnetic North x Taiyo Na)

In addition, looking at the tracklist, it appears that there are a number of notable features on the upcoming album due in the first couple weeks of April. Namely Sam Ock and the fellas of AMP are listed on there as well. Definitely looking forward to this album!

01. Time Machine
02. All On The Table feat. Magnetic North & Taiyo Na
03. Home Pt.2 feat. Tunji
04. Carry On feat. Taro Miura from HO17 & Dawngun
05. Shine a Light Pt.4 (Proud To Be) feat. AWA and Maitreya
06. Visions feat. Thig Nat (from The Physics) & Mario Sweet
07. Saisei no Uta (Chiru)
08. A New Day feat. Sam Ock
09. interlude
10. Moving On feat. The Antidotes
11. Fly Away feat Native Sun
12. Sunny Days feat. AMP
13. On The Rainbow feat. Badil & MO
14. How Do you Sleep?


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