Passport: Drunken Tiger x Yoon Mirae x Bizzy Announce New EP Featuring David Choi & !llmind – 살자 THE CURE

Uh, words cannot express how stoked I am to share this news with you. For those of you that don’t really keep up with the Korean music scene, you may have missed the news that Tiger JK (aka Drunken Tiger) will be releasing a new EP with his wife Yoon Mirae and frequent collaborator Bizzy. And as if that wasn’t enough, it looks like they’ve brought a couple of our artists along for the release. David Choi was mentioned by name in the press release and Illmind is name dropped by Tasha (Yoon Mirae) in the 1st video teaser below.

So when will it be available? In just a few days time. The 13th of September will see the worldwide debut of 살자 THE CURE, which is their DT’s first release since leaving his old label behind, Jungle Entertainment. He is how at home at Feel Ghood Music.


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