Lookin’ Back: When Randall Park was a Rapper with Ill Again – “Next” (2004)

Uh, I gotta be honest… I don’t know how I never knew about this. I kind of consider myself fairly well versed in the world of Asian-American music, especially the early wave of Hip-Hop artists but this completely blew my mind.

Randall Park, you know Randall – from various ads to his break out role in The Interview to the new ABC comedy series Fresh Off the Boat, anyway Randall can apparently spit and he wasn’t afraid to show it… who knew!?

He was in a group call Ill Again and they dropped this music video for “Next” back in 2004. The guy and his crew is seriously pretty legit (in the indie-Hip-Hop-underground-searching-Soundclick-for-beats-before-Youtube-or-even-Myspace kinda way).

Hell, you can even still order the album on CD Baby… and I’m seriously considering doing so. This is seriously one of the most entertaining Lookin’ Back features that we’ve done thus far.

Shoutout to AAM for sharing this gem.

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