Two Cents: YMGA needs to fire somebody

YMGA (Young Men Gangsta’s Association), YG Entertainment’s newest act, recently had it’s debut on SBS InkiGayo with their single Tell It To My Heart. They had a humorous faux pas involving some scrolling text displays and an unparsed repitition of their group name. Maybe it’s me being immature but I think that’s pretty funny.

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BoA’s US Video released

While BoA’s Asian Version of her single ‘Eat You Up’ was released last week, her US version has just been released as well. It was directed by the famed Diane Martel. My opinion? Blah. I’m really not that into the song or either version of the video. The productions values of the US video are […]

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BoA Eat You Up MV Released

So this is a day or so late, but in case you haven’t seen it yet… FYI, it’s the asian version. It will probably be tweaked for the US release. The song is OK at best. The dancing is pretty sharp, as always for BoA. I have absolutely no idea how well this will be […]

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