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The purpose and ultimate scope of this site is still a little open however we do at least have a loose theme to hold it all together. In case you havent guessed already, a-Tunes is a contrived play off of iTunes. The ‘a’ stands for Asian. Yes, trite, we know but oh well you can shut your face =).

Although there are a ton of websites and blogs that show case all of the korean, japanese, chinese, whatever-else-nese music out there, there is none that I know of that also incorporates the growing number of asian-american artists here in the states.

This site in no way intends to be a one-stop-shop for all asian music news, showcases, media, etc. That would be simply impossible for us to attempt to cover. Instead a-Tunes will simply highlight anything and everything we find noteworthy. It’s editorial control at it’s best. We’ll see how this goes.

Anyways, without further ado we invite you to enjoy, spread the word, and support the music.



I go by GT aka Gifted Thought. I’ve been following and involved with the Asian American music scene since the early 2000’s. It’s been really exciting to see the community grow and expand and one day I hope that sites such as this won’t even need to exist because talent will speak for itself, regardless of ethnicity. Thanks for reading a-Tunes and let’s continue to support good music!


E-Mail: info at a-Tunes.net
AIM Screen Name: giftedthought
Twitter: @giftedthought
other site: http://www.giftedthought.com


What it do party people? This is your girl Melody aka Music4urSoul and I’m proud to be part of the a-Tunes staff here. One of the good things in life is music that moves us and I have to say, I’ve never been prouder when Asian Americans stand up and produce some of the hottest tracks alive. Good music, good talk makes happy people and we hope to bring some light on the music that inspires us here. *bows* ^^


E-Mail: musicforyoursoul at a-Tunes.net
AIM Screen Name: Music4urSoul
Twitter: @Music4urSoul
Tumblr: mezz.melody.tumblr.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Music4urSoul
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/musicforyoursole
Other site: Bump This!Music For Your Soul

18 thoughts on “About a-Tunes

  1. I also have a Blog related Korean news in English and a Social Networking site for Korean meet foreigners. Would u like to link exchange ? pls contact me.

  2. Hey! I forgot your email…and I finally finished listening to Jimmy Boi’s ablum (I know totally delayed) but I should have it finished for you tomorrow ^^;;

  3. Just found this site thru another AA site.

    Love music! cant live without listening to one… and I fervently support any good asian arts and performances so am quite glad there are sites to showcase Asian and AA’s talents…, and am glad there is a site where compilation of good asian music artists are seen…^_^

  4. helloo! do you feature non asian american artists??? but truly asian artists/bands…if you do please do check out this band,called “updharmadown” they are a filipino indie band their music have a different feel and a mixture of jazz, electronica, rock and everything else.. i cant quite put my finger on how i can describe this band, but they always give me goosebumps whenever they perform they are simply amazing… please check out the bands myspace website: http://www.myspace.com/updharmadown and also their facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/updharmadown… please, please do check them out.. dont just let this pass by… thank you very much… you wont be dissappointed once you get to listen to their music… thank you very much!

  5. Hi there,

    I came across your blog through YeinJee..A very interesting blog you have here. I would like to do a link exchange with you. I have already added your link on our blogroll. Looking forward to hear from you. Keep up the good work!

    our link: http://yoyoasia.wordpress.com/



  6. Hi, just wanted to express my appreciation for your efforts in compiling such great content. Your site is truly innovative. The emerging Asian artists in the states are growing at a rapid pace but I think you have most of the key players here. Anybody who wants to explore further will be thankful for a site like yours. Keep ’em coming.


  7. your website has a really cool concept and idea. You’re right now, i haven’t heard of one that posts about asian-american music… and we thought we were original LOL
    it’s got to be challenging though… so much music comes out in america that it must be hard to find the artists you do.
    <3's bump this too lol
    Good luck with your site! i will be following you now on twitter^_^


  8. woah, i love this site! kinda cause i love asians but still ^_< awesome idea, keep on keeping on 🙂

  9. Note: Since there issues in posting, it has been resubmitted here. Feel free to delete the duplicate


    Props to your idea.

    Given the recent demise of Jeff Yang’s column and Theo Feng’s articles, look forward to seeing how your site will bring a higher profile to artists of Asian descent performing in the United States – along with their need/demand/requirement to be outrageously good and being professional.

    Hopefully your future will include sharing the responsibility of financially supporting (buy their music and PAY to see them perform) talented APA artists.

    It will be exciting to see if we have gone beyond the experience of a past Coachella-like music festival that had
    • 15 bands (from Singapore, East Coast, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles)
    • on three separate stages (largest outdoor stage held 900 people to the smallest indoor stage that held 100 people)
    • that represented numerous genres (rock, rap, pop, folk, spoken word, hip-hop, jazz, Asian Pop, DJs)
    • on stages that had great stages (lots of room on the main stage) with professional sound production/personnel (people involved had backgrounds on American award programs/concerts) • that featured side attractions (outrageously gorgeous female hosts, film trailers, performance artists) between acts and
    • was held in a great location in the center of Hollywood (five minutes walk from Amoeba Music/Cinema Dome/Arclight Theater)
    BUT only 35 people actually paid to see the event (Dragon’s Roar Music Festival – the rest came from the event’s strategic club promoter partner (whose patrons were able to see the live performances for free) and the countless comps.

    The recent AA music festivals in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco) are acknowledged.

    Good luck to your efforts

    Some features that might be of interest.

    • Dengue Fever (Cambodian Pop Meets Surf Rock) – http://usasians-articles2.tripod.com/dengue-fever.html
    • X Japan at Wiltern Theater – http://usasians-articles2.tripod.com/x-japan.html
    • Lena Park & Wheesung @ Disney Hall – http://usasians-articles2.tripod.com/lenapark-wheesung.html
    • Hiromi – Prominent Japanese Jazz Pianist – http://usasians-articles2.tripod.com/hiromi.html
    • Telly Leung Interview – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PyQPoh5VLI
    • Jon Iragabon @ T-Monk Institute Competition
    • Kim Sisters – http://us_asians.tripod.com/timeline-1950.html#kim-sisters
    • Charmaine Clamor Interview – http://www.youtube.com/watch?gl=US&client=mv-google&hl=en&v=V_RNWFYoOb8

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