Spotlight: Esna Yoon

We’re back again with a brand new episode of Spotlight. We had the awesome chance to meet and speak with one of the most talented songwriters doing her thing right now; LA’s very own Esna Yoon. She shares about her craft, her goals, collabing with other artists like Dumbfoundead, Sam Ock, and Summerbreeze, what it’s like trying to make it in LA, her experiences with Kollaboration and more! Stay tuned till the end for a special exclusive performance of her original song “You Fool”.

Thanks again to Esna for the awesome interview, and a special shoutout to Photoria Studios for the accommodation and filming assistance!

Check out Esna at the following:

One thought on “Spotlight: Esna Yoon

  1. what! no comments yet on esna yoon? dang ! her voice is just so awesome.i know she will make it big.even my friends in the states & korea love her voice., another friend in canada even plays her stuff on the air 🙂

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