WTF: Paul Dateh – Paul Dateh

Hey everyone, welcome to another Weekly Thursday Freebie. This past monday brought a close to Paul Dateh’s one-track-a-week give away of his album (which we recently reviewed). In case you haven’t been keeping up to date, Paul has also offered a quick explanation of each track and the story behind them as they were released […]

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Kina Grannis featured on EW

Youtube star Kina Grannis recently had a feature on regarding her indie status and why she hasn’t been signed yet given her massive youtube following. The article poses some interesting questions and at the very least continues to shine some favorable exposure on the talented Kina. Here’s a quote of what EW had to […]

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BoA interviews w/ CosmoGirl

I dunno if I could call this an interview since it’s literally 5 questions but regardless here it is: 1) What’s it like to being a pop star/famous in Korea? “Well, I definitely feel a difference when I’m here in the States and when I’m back home. It’s a difficult lifestyle and a lot more […]

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YENN debuts in the US

Vietnamese Pop sensation Da Nhat Yen, now known as YENN, has just released her debut US single ‘So Good To Be Wrong’. The track is now available on iTunes. It’s a fairly catchy pop single. Can’t say I love it but I think it could grow on me. Admittedly, I don’t know much about her but […]

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