Bambu Interviewed by Dumbfoundead

Bambu invited dumbfoundead over to his video shoot for “Slow Down” to chat it up and talk about what’s in the pipeline in terms of projects and collaborations. It’s great to see a veteran of the scene connect with one of the leaders of the new school. Bambu says he has only a few more […]

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Jam Session 2.0 Featured on CNN!

Remember the video for Jam Session 2.0? The track featured Dumbfoundead and also joined by Esna Yoon, Herbal T (who rips it in the latino languages), CAV3 on the MPC, Tio on the guitar, DJ Zo on the tables, Lukas on the keys and Chris Hong on the bass. Anyway, as of today the video has […]

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New Kollaboration 10 Promo Vid

This one’s more about inspiration more than anything else. Wish I could be there for the event! Come to the 10th annual Kollaboration in Los Angeles at the Shrine Auditorium on March 6, 2010. Join Rex Navarrete, We Are Heroes, Abraham McDonald, Tony Rock, Pigeon John, Vudoo Soul, and many others. The competition includes the […]

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