Lookin’ Back: Jin – Senorita

I was abroad for a business trip this week and found myself with a layover in Miami and funny enough, this one phrase kept repeating in my head “We in the m-i m-i, mami, am i am i” and I couldn’t recall where it’s from. Then it struck me, it’s from Jin’s single “Senorita” off […]

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Lookin’ Back: SOLID

Oh man so this brings back memories. In the early/mid 90’s three korean americans became one of the first r&b sensations in Korea as the group SOLID. The were pretty influential in helpling break down some of the attitudes native Koreans had towards “kyopos”, Koreans raised abroad. In a sense, they helped spearhead what I […]

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Lookin’ Back: 10 years of m-flo

ARW recently had a post up about m-flo’s 10 yr anniversary and it made me stop in my tracks to realize its been a decade since their debut. 10 flippin’ years. If you don’t already know who m-flo is then check wikipedia cause there is just too much to explain. Long story short they are one of […]

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